Friday, July 31, 2009


iz jus too sad wen a person's so called frends turn out to be fake-ass binshes hu dont reli giv 2 fucks about u...btw, ths post is sooo not about me(thankfully) buh iz about som1 reli close 2 me tha keeps gerrin haself hurt! as i was saen...bbz shld reli get a lyf and stop bitchin bout ppl mayne...i mean, if u dont reli want 2 b frends wiv a persn, get d fuck outta their bizness...cuz lyk it seems lyk a common fng nowadays...ppl claim 2 h8 ur guts buh wen iz tym 2 gt in ur biz, they're totally up 4 it...

sha ths is wat vexed me the most that inspired me 2 write ths post:

crazystupidbiatch writees that she z luvn nd missn a dude as ha facebook status.
interestedpasserby teases crazystupidbiatch nd dares ha 2 post d dude shez talkn bout's name.
crazystupidbiatch actually posts d dude's name.
turns out iz helplessbabe's bf.
mz.imustspeakmymind(also helplessbabe's frend) comments on tha status nd tells it lyk it is.
helplessbabe, out of pure humor and bewilderment, decides 2 post u luv my bf? lmao.
emphasis on the lmao.
thn crazystupidbiatch huz clearly wivout a sense ov humor posts anotha status saen sumthn lyk bring it on,u cant stop me,imma fyt till d end.
nxt fng errbody(ppl dat hav nun bera 2 do) starts buzzn tha therz a boy fight on fb!!!

do ppl not undastnd wat a fight is??? helplessbabe's comments wer adorned wiv acronyms signifying laughter---> twas all jus jokes 2 ha! on the otha hand, crazystupidbiatch's comments wer totally aggresive nd fightyish! so y wld ne1 in their ryt minds consider them both on the same level???

d vexn part is that helplessbabe's so-called frends hu r in anotha continent buh seem 2 fnk dey kno bout all da fngs goin on, r the main ppl behind d spreadin ov totally untrue(FAKE) gist!! dey kno dat helplessbabe knos dat dey kno d status ov ha relationship wiv ha bf(hw they're gud nd all)buh newaiz dey stl go ahead nd act lyk dey're clueless bout d whole ish nd drop lame-ass comments lyk 'lmao' 'i am disappointed in bbz mehn' 'dint kno ppl stl fight ova boys oh' .lyk dey dont kno d dude nd helplessbabe are exclusive nd crazystupidbiatch wuz jus seekin 4 attention! if dey knew dey wernt gonna back up their frend, dey coulds refrain frm makin public comments!

i mean do they not realis dat wen tha outside world sees such comments, dey cn lyk 2 fnk tha helplesbabe has bin tatchin/claimin d dude all ths while...nt that we shld pay ne attention 2 wat h8ers sae nd all buh dis kinda stuff is jus bad 4 a babe's reputation!!!

thn to add to it all, they'll now call up helplessbabe nd b lyk i saw wat tha crazystupidbiatch wrote oh...shez sooo dumb mehn...nd helplessbabe'll b fnkn thank God 4 frends in tyms lyk th oh...AS IF...fake,fakers....hilllllzzz

tis vexin sha...