Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jus anotha picture to burn....

k so im stl on the taylor swift p...ive jus bin switching between picture to burn, forever&always and you belong with me all music isnt as bad as ppl mk it sound btw.

therz alot ov random nonsense on mind mehn...wher to begin?!
1st ov all,i've gone nd done wat i've bin promisin myself i'd neva do. no, i dint run off nd hav sex with som hot rock star. i got myself a boyfriend i dont reli like. tis nt lyk i dont like him at all, i jus dont lyk him lyk dah. i thot i dd buh that wuz jus a moment ov weakness + the effects ov taylor swift songs. also, i thot he wuz som sick rapper lyk ths buh it turns out he doesnt hav ne talents worth talkin bout. incase u're wonderin y i thot he wuz a rapper, iz cuz he wuz always tellin me hez workin on his music nd i jus figured he wuz rappin or at least singin notjus makin lame ass beats.kmt.btw hw his lack of talents cums in cuz im annoyingly attracted to guys wiv talents. serzly...nefng frm rappin,singin,bball,track to writing + at least 2 attractive physical features is totally enuf 4 me. sadly he has none.
and we dont evn hav ne chemistry goin on at all! i reli dont kno wat i was fnkn. mayb iz cuz ive nt had a bf since lyk...well..a while... or mayb im jus gerrin stupid. asin the dude is sooo nt my type.fashi d fact tha derz no talent, hez soo lovey-doveyish..ewww...asin err guy tha knos me well knos im nt intersted in the whole 'love' fng...he'll nw b sayin he loves, he loves, he loves me...argghhh! its annoyn!i prefer 2 stick to i'i reli like u'. also we hardly hav nefn 2 say 2 each otha. we cld b on the fone nd nt hav anythn 2 tlk bout 4 30 whole minutes! thaz jus nt workn 4 me! evn online, afta the usual hey,watchu up 2, watchu do 2day, therz nun else 2 sae!

how, u may ask dd gt myself involved wiv dis pahetically swagless excuse 4 a bf? well, he was my frends close frnd and sorta my frend.(u kno, hello, hey kinda frnds) thn sadness nd taylor swift possessed me into practically stalkn(on facebook) all my guy frends in search ov a potential bf. in the course, i stumbled upon his wall. ther wer lyk back to back posts frm lyk 8 diff girls tellin him hw much they miss him nd luv him nd dey cant w8 2 tlk 2 him soon balh blah..nd im lyk ths guy is a badguy oh..c hw all dese bbz r feelin him..thn my frndz lyk yes naww,tha hez lyk the funniest guy she knos...tha he cld evn b the nicest dude shez ever known...
thn out of nowher(lyk a movie), he asks me out! aseen, twas xtremli shockin cuz we wernt evn talkn lyk that... stupid ol me wuz too shocked @ the coincidenc to evn giv it a moment of thought, so i say "uhm ok i gues we cld giv a shot". nxt thin i kno, he starts tellin me hw much he luvs me nd cant stop fnkn bout me.***rolls eyes***

if twas jus ne guy, i woulda tld him tis nt workin out eva since buh ths guy was kinda lyk a frnd. btw he wasnt that bad wen we wer jus frnds..wont it b cruel 2 jus break his heart? (thats if he reli does over lyk me lyk he claims) hilzzz...

ahbeg...i cant evn bother myself too much bout ths guy. really.ther r otha fngs in lyf. lyk situation wiv sch is jus sad. atleast nw i kno yankee is totally out of the picture. afta all those friggin essays i wrote,SAT lessons for 3 months,tiring applications...hisss...they jus decided tha yankees's too far nd the family we hav ther r too bz to kep an eye on me nd thaz xactly wat i nid blah blah...hiss...thn tha nxt fng wuz Ghana...afta all d plans nd errfng, turns out i havta w8 till nxt yr 4 Ghana...the only options im seein nw r unilag nd covenant...*sigh*

lately ive bin arguin wiv my sister over stupid irrelevant fngs...altho we've bin doin that since lyk 4eva, ths tym is different cuz our views are as far apart frm each other as venus and pluto. funny thing is according to ha, so many otha ppl feel the same way she does..lyk for example, r video vixens in Nigeria respected? i think not! y wld ne self-respectin badguy b proud 2 carry a babe that has grinded all those razz musicians publicly on his arm as his gf? apart frm that, i thot twas an established fact that 85% ov the naija bbz tha do music videos r razz drop-outs seekin fame by force. accordin 2 my sister, guys'll b proud 2 sae "dyu kno tha bbe that was in tha correct vid is my bbe oh" if she was so classy nd all, y wld she b grindin or kissin a total stranger on tv?!
ok i kno tha wuz breez buh i jus cldnt help it cuz ive 4gotten wat i actually wantd 2 post!

P.s i have a new crush!
p.p.s he has a talent!!! he writes!!! and is funny!!but probly doent kno i exist :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

~TeardRopS oN mY guiTaR~

ok so that was a very offkey title...wateva...the song is quite touchin tho...incase u dont kno, teardrops on my guitar was sung by taylor swift. iz amzing hw sum ppl actually say they dont fnk shez all that...espeshly afta kanye's drama @ the vmas..

wel thaz nt wahz reli on my mind...its a contributing factor tho...sha my recent state of boredom has caused me 2 involve myself in lotsa new fngs...

watchin old movies,watchn tv series on dvd,listening to country music,sleepin for 13 hrs(hehe) are jus som ov tha nu stuff i've picked up recently...

sha i watched ths old movie 'angel eyes'(corny title shey??)jim caviezel and Jlo wer in was sooo nice!! jus makes love seem sooo magical...Jlo was a in the beginnin ov the movie she saves jim's life...him and his family wer jus involved in a car accident nd his family died...he was kinda unconscious so he dint reli see JLo's face...jus her eyes..guess thaz hw the title cums

sha in the course ov the movie jim saves Jlo from a gang banger that tried to avenge his bruvs after the whole superman nd lois lane act, they kinda start seein each otha...buh at first tis lyk they're playing games wiv each otha cuz jim caviezel doesnt tell Jlo nefn bout himself...not evn his real name! he acts extremely distant nd all...except when he shows how he feels bout ha..thn she googles him nd finds out he's the guy she saved...thn she helps him face the reality ov his wife nd son's death inorder to create space for their love...
at the end sha, iz all sooo touchin cuz he lets go ov his past nd then they become exclusive!

funny thing is i cant reli rememba y ths movie wuz enchanting! serz! guess u jus hav 2 watch it to feel it cuz i definetly dint tel tha story well...

angel eyes+taylor swift songs+gossip girl season 2+one tree hill season 6+i knew i loved you before i met you by savage garden+part of the list by Ne-yo = all sorts ov mushy feelings!

serzly...afta watchn angel eyes nd listening to all those sad/happ lurv songs nd watchin blair nd chuck's love game nd watchin all ov em in one tree hill being in love, i am now a sucker for love!

they all make love seem so magical! enchanting! ts soo sad i dont fnk that cn happen in real life least not nw...mayb lera sha...

oh well..cheers to y'all that hav found such lurv!