Thursday, January 21, 2010

In a parallel universe...

The other day I was watching the suite life of Zack and Cody.(I’m not too old to watch The Disney Channel, am i?) Erwin, that plumber guy, invented some phone booth thingy that could transport people to a parallel universe. In that parallel universe, really crazy weird stuff happens. Like Paris Hilton was the President, Zack and Cody’s mum let them do all sorts of irresponsible things, Mr. Mosby encouraged them to play in the hotel lobby and other crazy stuff sha. It was so hilarious that I decided to create my old parallel universe!

Here goes:::

I wake up at 11 am. The weather is perfect. As in there’s sun but it’s cold. It’s also kinda dry but not dusty. I check my new Blackberry Bold. I have messages from hottie. He tells me how much he misses my voice even though we just spoke before I went to bed. My Latina maid knocks and enters my room with a tray of Mexican breakfast and the day’s newspaper. I thank her and she curtsies as she leaves. The major stories are about the new president, Don jazzy and how he resembles former president Yar Adua with his taciturn nature. He also recently declared the whole month of May as Music Month for the Youth. During the course of the month, concerts would be held everyday and school would be cancelled. There was also the headline about Beyonce, Jay-z and their sextuplet’s new reality TV show. Shaking my head, I turned towards my phone as I heard my message ring tone. It was just Chris Brown wishing me a Good Morning. Rolling my eyes, I texted ‘Good morning yourself’ back to him. He was always all up in my face! Calling me, texting me, tweeting at me, flying in to see me. at least he was better than Trey Songz. That one was just a nasty freak. We had fun for a really short while before he started bombarding me with sex talk.

I hurriedly take a shower then head for my mall closet . What am I in the mood for today?, I thought. Perhaps a cute dress from my mini Lipsy store or a pretty cardi from my mini Zara store, I wondered. I’ll probably get some faux croc skin pumps to match my newest birkin bag, I was thinking just as hottie’s picture flashed against my phone screen. We talk for almost an hour while I try on tons of dresses and shoes.

PS: i was really bored wen i started typing this post so i probably just typed rubbish...

nd yh, all my followers have disappeared on twitter!! i'm serz! all at once!! **Now wailing and bashing my head against the wall!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rantings on a dusty, dry wednesday night...

So I heard that I am unfriendly. I know I’m not the world’s friendliest person but I have never really thought of myself as unfriendly. In fact, I think people don’t even really know how to use the word friendly.

Friendly: Welcoming, Sociable, Pleasant, Affable.

If you’ve not approached me yet, how would you know that I’m not welcoming? If I’ve not refused your invite to a hang out, how can you say I’m not sociable? If I haven’t displayed any form of unpleasntness, how then am I unfriendly?

Just cuz I seriously hate famz (fam spiro, fam fam, over-familiarity) and i’m not an advocate for it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in meeting new friends. People just don’t get me mehn. 

So the stupid boy just came and sat beside me then goes “I’ve been watching you for quite sometime now and I’ve noticed that you don’t really talk to people in this department” first I give him the blankest stare ever then I take my earphones outta my ears. Then he goes “ Most people’ll think you’re saucy and snobbish oh...especially cuz of the high sch you went(he’d alredi asked me earlier). Most girls that go there are usually really snobbish”
This time I just shrug. Then he goes(with a look of disgust) “DO YOU FIND THE PEOPLE AROUND HERE BENEATH YOUR STANDARDS? DO YU THINK THEY’RE INFERIOR???”
I was just too stunned for words! Why was he on my case? Why on earth was a randomer unnecessarily raising his voice at me? Then I as calmly as possible said, ‘I dont know them, why would I judge them?”

People never cease to amaze me sha. That’s how one of my sister’s guy friends I recently met called me up just now. He even called before I just sorta missed the call. Sha he now said “ Jus wanted to check on you sha. You know, make sure you’re good and all”. He said he’s got my number cuz my sister’s always using his phone to call me. it’s no biggie sha..for now..i really hope he doesn’t try to start liking me or something. Cuz that thing really irks me! like 95% of my guy friends hit on me from time to time! Is it that they cant just see me as a friend or I’m jus real skenzayy like that?? Serzly why?? Why cant I be real close to a guy as a friend without him tryna ask me out or liking me??

Today my sister’s crush was totally all over that my friend that’s got this really good guy that she’ll probably not say yes to but really likes!!! Asin all of a sudden, she’s the hottest babe around! I don’t even get how and when it happened! I’m happy for her and all. I mean, she’s totally loving the attention but it’s still kinda weird sha. That all the hot guys’ll suddenly just start liking her….i’m probly jus being a bad-bele tho…God forgive me…

Saw hottie on Friday…he waved at me  I waved back buh I probly had a not-so-appealing look on my face cuz I was waiting in line for final registration wen I saw him. Oh well. He dint evn wave lyk he wuz super excited to see me or anythn..he jus acted lyk normal..mscheew…

Love you guys!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I wanna know what love is.....i want him to show

Maybe it’s intuition…
There’re some things you just don’t question…
Like in your eyes I see my future in an instant…
I think I found my best friend…
I know this may be a little more than crazy but…

I knew I loved you before I met you…
I think I dreamed you into life!

I knew I loved you before I met you…
I’ve been waiting all my life!!

And that’s just the first verse of one of my favourite love songs. Ever since my quest for love began, I’ve been listening to really lovey-dovey songs and I don’t feel like puking!
I don’t even gag when I see massive PDA again. I just pass them and smile. Ok see how I’m talking like it’s not just today that all this transformation happened. It’s definitely because of ‘the crush’.
I think I should call him hottie. Then I’ll call that guy that is both our friends, FB. So I’ve not seen hottie since Tuesday. I’m not so sad sha. Obviously I was disappointed at the end of ydae and today but come to think about it, I’m kinda grateful I didn’t see him cuz I wanna look my best when next I see him. The crazy sun hasn’t really helped matters these past 2 days. I just hope it doesn’t take too long before we see so I don’t lose interest. Or I don’t hear something bout him that dissuades me.

Ther’s this really cuute guy that likes my friend. And she likes him too. They hang out a lot and all. All his siblings and friends know her sef. He’s even a twin sef. Imgine two identical cuties! What a catch shey? But this my friend eh, she likes wahala. She too front!! The guy’ll probly kno she likes him buh she’ll b actin as if shez soo na├»ve to the whole relationship fng. It vexes me mehn. The guy is such a catch.Not as much as hottie tho ;) . It’s just really hard to not get jealous when she’ll probly throw away the really good thing they have going on just cuz shez not sure she wants a relationship ryt now.

Funny enuf, this time last week wen my sister’s friend asked me if I would say yes if hotie asked me out I was like no. I was like I don’t want a boyfriend atm. I just want someone to hang with , chill with, you know just a boy that I like that likes me back. Then it just kinda hit me. If I can have what Lucas and Peyton/Nathan and Haley have in one tree hill, why shouldn’t I ? like really, what’s the biggie in just giving love a shot? Even if we don’t get married or anything, the experience would still be nice.

Then my sister and I have been arguing about marriage. She believes the most suitable time to meet your future husband is when you’re still in uni. According to her, that way once you’re done with grad school and nysc you’ll be close to settling down.
Me I think it would be real cool to finish grad school, nysc, start work, travel to lots of places, meet different kinda men then finally settle with the one you love most. My sister says I’m just thinking like a child but I still believe that it would really uncool to enter adulthood responsible to a certain guy. That means no crazy mad fun or partying when we’re finally free from our parent’s reins??? I think not!!

Nd can you imagine, wuz chattn wiv sum new dude ydae…Facebook chat oh…sumn I neva do…lyk Serzly iono wat inspired me…I sha tld him my sch wuz lag wen he askd nd can u bliv the ode exed?! Aseeen cuz I sed I wuz in lag! Mscheeww!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HE touched me!!!!!

lol...but it's true sha...he,the hottie i wrote bout, touched me! like his fingers actually brushed against the skin of my chest intentionally!!!He was tryna brush a strand of hair away. i was in haeven!!!

lol i havent had this kinda crush in a while mehn...i usually just move on after a few days but this one is different. NOw i'm thinkin maybe i should have coded the fact that i was crushing on him cuz now almost all the girls i hang with know. it paid off tho. cuz one time he was approaching and one of them saw him and quickly told me and then i was able to brace myself and all. i just hope none of them does something terrible like doing him to hurt me if i annoy them.

the funny thing is i know deep down inside that even if he reciprocates my 'crushing', it cant really go farther cuz he's friends with that guy that is my friend now but just kinda stop asking me out. it just wouldnt be right.

but come to thik of it, i may have been wrong bout all these ppl decievin themselves with 'love'. Lately,i've just been playin I wanna know what love is in my head. then out of sadness, i decided to watch gossip girl and one tree hill again from season 1. i was just melting!! then it hit me, I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!! i've been frontin for wayy too long. and even though i disagree with my sister that uni is the best place to find the boy u're goin to marry, i still think it'd be good if i gave myself a chance with love. *sigh!*

Live,love, dance!!! abi how does that go again..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Onto the next one!

Its 8:35 in the morning and i'm up!! like i cant freakin believe it! i'm up for no reson!1 i dont have to go anywhere or do anything, i just felt like waking up!! i think i'm slowly turning into a morning person. The funny thing is, i'm not just up, i'm happy to be up! i'm not even grumpy or tryna go back to bed!!!

i guess i'm still happy bout fridae...lemme gist y'all..

So i leave my house in the dryest outfit i've ever combined in my entire life(in lag). Some cream tee and blue skinny jeans and ballet flats. I was so not in the mood to even find matching shoes i just slipped into black ones.Ewww. that's not the point sha.
SO i get to school extra early cuz the driver has to take my little sister to school before 8 and if i had chilled till he came bak i woulda been late. So i ended up in school at 7:10 for a class at 8(that started at 8:35 btw, hisss). so i decide to give my new classmates a chance. i tried my hardest not to criticise anyone's outfit in my head. i also didnt mentally summarise their lives in my head. i decided to have an open mind.
i was the third person in the class when i walked in! can u imagine ppl actually being almost an hour early for their first class!!! i sha walked in, said hello, no one answered me, i took a seat towards the back of the class and plugged in my earphones. i turned the volume up so high till i knew it was disturbin them! Nonsense! ordinary hey! they cldnt say.

i'm just gonna fastforward to the fun pat of the day:
So that guy i said i kinda liked that i dint like anymore was also at school on friday. So we hung out and all. At first, he acted like he really didnt care like that anymore. So later, we were hanging out in some cofee shop and i'm checking out his laptop theni see he has my bff's picture on his laptop!! like wth?!! i was just too disgusted! the ode now started saying he thought it was some other girl that was his firend. that they have the same hairdo, that he got it from his friends photos on facebook. yeah. rite. whatever. Then from there we meet up with this his hot friend that i met sometime last year. Aseeen!! Hot is even an understatement. he's a 10!!! asin, haircut on point, clothes, shoes,arms, chest, lips, eyes(dreamy!!!),everyhting!! this is how the convo went:

Hottie: Hey,what's your name again?(he said again, like he knew before! loool)
Me: Uh...**My name**
Hottie: Cool..**His name**
Hottie: SO you're like really close with **some random girl's name**
Me: blank stare..who?
Boy i dont like anymore: Dont you know**random girl's name** (tries to remind me who she is)
Me: oh! all oh...i dont even talk to her
Hottie: aRe you srious? ah ahn...but i always see you guys together like everywher..
Me: shakes head

the point is he thot i was some other girl!!! we now had to explain to him how i'm not and all. hez now like me and the girl are so idebtical we should be twins!! COincidentally we now run into the girl he sed i look like and I FREAKING DONT!!
This is the most imortant part of the gist:
He now said, But the have similar eys...Really nice eyes...then smiles at me
**bliss** i almost died!!! his smile was wayyy up to his eyes and everything!
now we're kinda acquitances!!!

peace and love guys!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010 is what it is....

So there’s this boy I kinda liked. For only a little while though. So apparently he really likes me too. Or so he says. Sha when I first gave him my number he used to call me at least twice everyday. (Not that I’m a fan of boys calling me excessively or anything). And then I even used to see him practically everyday. Then as usual, I got bored of him. I wasn’t just excited to talk to him anymore. The ‘like’ had faded. So when he asked me out (rather too soon if I may add) I jus laid it down for him. Told him how I just like him like a friend now. He was sooo not cool with it. I mean obviously I didn’t expect him to be all smiles but I didn’t expect an ‘I think I’m going to kill myself’ or ‘I don’t think I can ever talk to you again’ attitude he put up. Being the indecisive being that I am (I probably got that from my mom), I sha said I would think about it more sha. So we still hung out a lot after that sha.

Then he kinda just started acting somehow. Stopped calling like he used to. Then when he called he would say stuff like “So you can’t check on me shey?” That statement just infuriates me mehn! I just don’t get why people say it. Is it meant to make me other person feel guilty or what? Mscheeww. Then one day he was now like “ So is he just like any other guy to me? That do we have something special?” And I kinda didn’t take him serious and all. Then the next time he called he was like

“So is that how it is? No problem oh. Anyhow sha I don’t think I’m gonna stress myself anymore. I’ve tried naww”

What I just want to know is does that mean he’s moved on? That he’s no longer interested? Cuz me I’m confused oh.
My best friend is like why do I care if I don’t like him? That got me thinking, what do I really want sef?
I know I don’t like him. I know I don’t want to go out with him. I know I’ll be kinda sad if he’s off my case. I know I kinda enjoyed the attention I got from him.I know i enjoy the attention i get from other boys too. I know i'd probably miss him if we dont hang out anymore. I know i'll probly find some other nice dude to hang with.I know i'll feel a sting of jealousy if i see him flirting with some other girl. I know i would want him to see me flirting with another guy. lol Oh well. It is what it is.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I need A shrink!!!

Laziness and procrastination have taken over life. I barely do anything anymore.
Last night I went to bed with a Snickers wrapper curled between my fingers. My mother would so flip out if she knew I’ve been having chocolate for dinner over the last few days. Though I really don’t see how I’ve lost any weight, my mother’s constantly screaming about how I’m merely skin and bones. Oh well. It’s really not my fault. Proper food like most things these days doesn’t just appeal to me.

I wonder if I’m at that stage of teenage life that parents talk about…you know, when they say things like: “Oh teenagers, they’re at that stage …” whatever. I’m just sick and tired of not being into anything or anyone. Everything is just blah. I just can’t bring myself to care these days. I don’t even kno know who I am anymore. Seriously, if someone asked me what kinda girl I was, I would just answer them with a blank stare. I don’t even know if I’m loud, shy, talkative, quiet, crazy, shallow, kind, fun, confident or insecure. If a person could be all, I think I probably would be.

I wonder why it irritates me when I see girls chatting with boys they barely know or celebs on Facebook or twitter. Every time I see something like that I’m always like “Mscheeww. They’ll be chasing boys up and down.” But really they aren’t chasing boys, they’re jus having normal convos. Maybe flirting a little, but really what’s the big deal?? Its not like I don’t talk to any boys on twitter or fb too. I don’t know why I wont just free these girls. It’s probably because I’m too timid to do it sha. Famz is something that I just cant stand. Even though everybody seems t be doing it now, I just cant! It’s probably why I don’t comment on stuff a lot or RT at people on twitter. **Sigh** I need to change mehn. I really don’t like myself right now. If I was a guy, I sooo wont like me. . Oh well. It is what it is.

I don’t know why I have a problem saying hello to people. I guess it still has to do with this famz issue. I just keep thinking what if he/she just shrugs off my greeting like I didn’t matter. Or he’ll feel important. Or why can’t she say hello first. Whereas, some people have no problem at all in yelling people’s names just to wave at them when they turn around. I probably am just scared of rejection.

That’s probably also why I don’t tag people in notes and pictures and stuff. I’m always like I don’t want him/her to feel like they’re sooo important. And I fear that none of the people I tag would even be interested in what I tag them in or what if they un-tag themselves. I know this may seem like I don’t know my so-called friends well. The thing is I don’t even know if I should call a lot of people my friends. I only have a handful of people I can really and truly call my friends. Another thing is that I think some people I regard as people I just talk to actually regard me as their friends. I don’t even know what friendship is about anymore.

i serzly detest myself of my bestest guy frends just called me nw...havnt spoken to him in lyk a year?? tlk 2 him online nd stuff tho...he sha jus cald me nd i dint hav nefn 2 sae to him!! asin afta all the 'inbox me ur numba fast!' and the 'we're so gonna rock ths hols', he calls me and we hav nothing to say! i cld so break my fone ryt nw!!! argh!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Peace, love and male models!

Wow! Twenty-ten is really here. Thanks to God mehn.
Nehoo I’m really excited bout tha nu yr cuz i gt 2 mk resolutions which i dnt fnk i eva hav done b4.

sha b4 i carry on wiv my new year resolutions i jus havta tel u guys hw hot the concert i wnt 4 last monday was! omfg! i neva realised how hot male models wer. esp teenage ones! in the past i always looked at male models as too hot to be straight. buh these ones were on anotha level! the fact that they were about my age and if i had worn anotha dress lyk my sister tld me to, it wld hav bin a diff story!!!

newaiz ive bin fnkn ov wat to write on some tees im gettin done...nw all i cn fnk ov writin is Peace, love and male models! my sister's lyk if i wear that for a class i'm jus on my own. warreva joh. mayb i'll write peace,love and chocolate instead.

k bak to the new year resolutions;

-Imma be more courageous.
-Imma get my famz on mehn! in case y'all havnt noticed, famz is becomin reli random these daes esp on twitter...the funny fng is it doesnt bite them in the ass lyk it shld...instead it gets celebs retweeting at them! mehn errbody is doin it so i cn lyk to mehn. altho considering the level of pride i hav twill probly be very hard..
-Imma be more friendly.
-Imma be real picky bout the ppl i tlk to. not lyk im gonna b a total snob or nefn. im jus nt gonna tlk 2 ppl cuz i dnt wanna hurt their feelings.
-Imma delete all the random ppl on my facebook.
-Imma learn how to party without my frnds.
-Imma study real hard.
-Imma update my Ipod mehn. ah ahn. my songs are soo dryyy these daes. was tryna create a 'songs that'll save ur life playlist' and i realised i dnt hav any!
-Imma try to tolerate my mother's rantings. doesnt mean i'll kiss her ass or agree with err wrong thn she saes(like my sista..hiss)
-Imma try and talk to my father more
-Imaa check on ppl more
-Imma try to stop usin txt language except wen im txtn( thats gonna b real hard!)
-Imma be more confident and not care wat ppl sae.hmmmn.
So help me God!

i probly hav alot mor buh i cant rememba them all nw. that stuff alwaez happens ro me. i blog in my head buh cant rememba wen im actually bloggin!