Saturday, August 15, 2009


sumtyms i wonder if guys r bitchier thn gurls...their schemin,cheatin,lying &misyannin r sooo much worse!!! comparin my personal experiences nd that of othas,ther r diff groups of bladdy bitchy dudes!

there r those that r bitches cuz they jus r!

those that hav 2 b 2 gt wah they want

and those hu r jus tew insecure and depressed 2 hav nefn bera 2 do!

imma start wiv the 1s hu havta bitches 2 gt wah they want...

these group ov guys are mostly jus daft boys hu cant fnk ov bera ways 2 gt wah they want...they've got desires,ambitions,goals buh they've also gt fngs stoppin dem frm gerrin wah they want...therefore they say and do fngs that a bitch wld do ..

lyk therz ths dude hu reli lyks ths bbe buh the bbe thot he wuz tryna play ha wiv his 'homegirl'...his 'homegirl' was always hangin wiv him, lyk all tha tym! so his bbe found it hard 2 bliv they wuz jus frends. this dude nw lied that 'homegirl' was the one hu asked him out but he said no but stl tlks 2 ha cuz he feels sorry 4 ha. wat a bitch!!! iz nt as if his gf completely blivs the story oh..he jus tarnished his so-called 'homegirls's rep 4 nufn!

stay tuned 4 the rest