Friday, December 25, 2009


The 4th of December 2009 is most def one of the days I will never forget in my life! Serzly, except I bash my head against some wall and get amnesia, 04/12/09 will be in my heart forever! So I’m gonna break down the day into diff parts:

The morning:
So I woke up that morning to hear my mom and my sister talking bout me (like they always do!) my mom was like, “She is just sooo lazy!” Then my sister goes, “Sheyy. And I told her last night oh buh she dint listen as usual”. “Ah ahn! What’s her problem sef? How could she leave my kitchen like that?” mom asks. Sister shrugs. Then mom says “I know what I’ll do. Imma teach her a good lesson! (I roll my eyes in my mind) She’s not going anywhere today! (Ehn?! Was she joking or sumn?)”.
Obviously I was kinda crushed when I heard my mom say I wasn’t going for the concert anymore cuz I dint administer my chores ‘perfectly’(Abeg don’t blame me, I was tired and sleepy!). I wasn’t totally sad though cuz I heart being alone at home. Plus I was fnkn I cld call up a frnd nd we cld quickly see a movie b4 my mom got bak.

So as I was planning my dae in my head, my sister’s frnd calls ha nd tells ha that if she doesn’t leave soon she’d probly not gt any good seats. Nxt fng, my sister calls my mom nd tells her tha she has to start hittin the road oh…mom is lyk kay, no wahala. Thn my sister’s lyk ‘my name’ nko? That wld she go by herself? Momceez nw lyk okay, I cn go wiv ha.

So we sharply gt showered and dressed thn hit the road.

The Journey:
This part of the story is called ‘penny wise, pound foolish!’ it seems rather funny thinking bout it in retrospect but as at that time, it wasn’t funny at all mayne.
So my sister(shez the 1 callin all the shots here) says we shld wlk down the road to find a cab. According to her, those air conditioned cabs wld waste our time. So we gt to the taxi place thn my sisterz lyk we shld tk the cab to wher the BRT buses take off. You know how therz ths commercial on tv bout how skenzy the BRT buses r? that Kate-henshaw tlks bout hw she’d rather park her car at home nd move around wiv the BRT. So as stupid daft mumu gehs, we( mostly my sister) thnk that cuz the buses r big nd red theyd b lyk those jand buses. (Yeah ryt!)

So the cab takes us to ths place in Jibowu wher the buses tk off. We give the guy N500 bucks thn head across the street to get the bus tickets. The ticket guys tell us that the bus wld tk us to the other side of the road wher we wld tk the bus to TBS, which is wher the concert was. Might I point out that this was the first time we were goin on such an adventure i.e taking buses to places we’re nt ev sure of. On normal daes, evn takin cabs was stress not to nw tlk of buses.
Sha we entered the bus with our tickets. First impression: Hot! Asin I was dripping pools of sweat! Second impression: Confined! I never knew I was claustrophobic till then. Ther wer ppl standing in the aisle so I was pretty cramped. Third impression: too high! I guess I also never knew that I was scared of heights lyk that. I mean, on a normal dae, im not, buh the way errthn looked from up made me shiver a lil.
The most annoying fng bout the bus tho, was the constant stopping. Lyk they stopped at evry freaking brt stop on the way! It was sooo frustrating! In the process ov errthn, we wer in the bus all tha way to mile12! Yup, mile 12! Mile 12 tha they tlk bout in all these razz songs nd movies, mile 12 ive never bin 2 b4, mile 12 tha is in no way related to the TBS we wer goin!
Sha, thankfully, some guy explained to us wat was hapnin (we had to gt to the last stop in that zone b4 we tk another bus to gt to the otha side that those guys at the ticket place at the beginning tld us bout). So we gt out nd gt nu tickets thn joined ths long ass queue (it did move kinda fast sha). It was lyk a movie mehn! We dint know nefn or newher! Jeez, I cn imagine hw we lukd!
Sha we finally gt on the bus that tk us to that other side(afta a whole lotta stops). So when we gt to the other side that we’ve bin talkn bout eva since, we realise that ther was a foot bridge that coulda taken us frm the side the cab dropped us (over an hour ago) to the ‘other side’. We were so bummed. To think that we jus wasted about ninety minutes and ticket money for no reason was vexin!
Sha we gt outta d bus nd took another one str8 to TBS(also wiv alotta stops!)

The waiting:
Dang! The sun was jus raging ydae! Aseen! It was lyk God decided to punish the earth buh wiv sun instead ov rain lyk durin the tym ov Noah. Even with shades on, it was hard to open your eyes without squinting! It was like the only time in my life where holding an umbrella over your head cuz ov the sun in Lagos wasn’t totally razz! Lyk Serzly! I mean, normally the sun isn’t that bad plus we’re all black so its not like we’re preventing skin cancer or sumn. Sha lots of ppl had umbrellas buh we dint sha. My sister’s frnd had gotten ther earlier so she saved us seats. They wer not lyk mad crazy sexy seats buh they were much more better than any we coulda gotten at the tym we came! So for lyk the first hour, we all just talked bout random ish thn we jus kinda sat in silence. There wasn’t reli nefn else to do. Waiting is lyk at the top of my pet peeve list so I seriously almost lost it! Thankfully, God was on my side as always and I managed to keep my cool. After about three and half hours or so, it was lyk 6:30 so they started the final testing of the mic/rehearsal. Ppl were so excited! Err1 cldnt wait for the clock to strike 7!
Unfortunately, the large projector screen that had been showing since afternoon decided to tk a break so we had to chill for about another hour for them to get it fixed.

The show itself!!:
So after they fixed the screen it was some minutes to 8 and the show officially started! the crwd was wilddd!!! Some daft ppl were selling whistles nd those horn fngs that r usually sold at football matches so a lot ov ppl bought them and dint hesitate to use them! I was so irritated! They just kept whistling and whistling and blowing and blowing loudly! Sha some comedian guys kicked off the show. They wer real funny mehn! Aseen I was nt expectin to laugh that hard! I remember ths particular line: “Persn wey say my water no go boil, im own no go hot! Say amen oh!” and “Wat you ‘sow’ is what you wil wear!”. It’ll probly not sound as funny as it did wen he was saen it buh nehow joh!
After the opening comedy, some guy that I dint catch his name came nd sang those Niger Delta kinda songs that u dance wiv handkerchiefs. The crowd was just gerrin crazier by the min! we dint do the whole handkerchief sha buh we sang along loudly wiv the rest ov the crowd nd boogied lyk we hadn’t danced in years! Twas all for JC baby! Naij gospel songs jus have a way ov makin you lose urself in dance. Next was Sammy Okposo. He sang a lot ov popular praise songs nd the crowd ammed wv him mayne! I was so speechless at the way the entire TBS was figuratively on fire! Aseen ppl were standing on their chairs, clapping, whistling, tooting horns, banging tambourines and singing at the to of their lungs for Jesus! It was a totally great feeling I tell ya. Then the fact that we were in the open, looking up into the skies was sooo niiicee! I know ths is probly cheesy buh I felt lyk a greater connection wiv God as we looked up into the skies singing and dancing. Not that on normal daes I don’t connect wiv God during praise and worship songs buh looking into the sky made it so iono…movie-like?? Lol. It felt really good tho.

Next was Lara George. She had a good performance buh i know it wld have been so much bera if she sang ‘Ko le baje’. Lyk reli, y don’t artistes kno the ryt songs to perform at concerts. I’ve seen it happen so many times. Instead ov em to perform only the songs that’ll totally promote their album nd get ppl to madly jam, they’ll jus sing mayb 1 or 2 hits thn 1 random song tha nobody evn knows! Lemme not b a bad-belle sha, her performance was crazzzzayy!

After the whole Naija back-to-back fng, some Jamaican lady was up next. I danced tire mehn! Ah! Evn the songs I dint kno the wordings to, I sang along from the lyrics on the screen. I’m not reli sure who exactly was next buh lemme jus tel u the performances I madly enjoyed: Don moen, Rooftop mc’s( Sady the crowd din rei seem to get them lyk I did),Ron kenoly, Kirk Franklin(Obviously!!!). I dozed off a lot so all the names are kinda lyk a blur ryt nw.

Yh thn ther was the tym I was sooo pissed I cried in silence. My mom was s’posed to cum get us lyk 11, 12 thn all ov a sudden my momz txts my sista nd saes we cn cum in tha morning. I was so effin vexed at the time! I kno I woulda missed the performances that turned out to b my favourites buh all I knew was that wasn’t how we planned t nd I was tired nd sweaty nd wantd a bath!
That was the tym I reli dozed mehn. I guess I was jus too vexed to do nefn else.

I cooled down afta the Rooftop Mc’s tho. I nw wnt 2 go gt water nd food 4 me,my sister,ha frnd nd ha frnd’s frnd. Wen I was goin I dint boot that I wnt b able to carry errthn being tha I only hav 2 hands nd all. Sha it was rei very hard to squeeze thru the multitude ov ppl to gt the stuff. I was almost in tears mehn. Almost! Sha I got wat I cld carry thn headed bak jus 4 1 ov the usher guys to tell me I cnt go bak to my seat. I fnk he thot I was jus comin for tha 1st tym nd all. Asin I almost lost it mehn. To think that I was stranded wiv no fone no money no bag wiv a multitude ov ppl wen I had a seat that I’d been sittin on for over twelve hours! It was very demoralizing! Thankfully, after few minutes ov poutig cutely and my (sexy) pleas, the guy finally let me pass. That wasn’t the end oh! Afta all the drama, I cldnt nw find where we were sittin! Aseen I wantd to jus die! Ppl wer nw starin nd starin at the aimless girl wiv her arms overflowin wiv food nd drinks that can find ha seat. Wen I finally found it, I practically threw their stuff at them nd sank deep into my chair for anotha long sulk/doze!

They wer jus all types ov crazy ppl ther mehn. I rememba 1 guy tha kept screamin “Yes!” afta err word that came out ov neo v the artistes mouths! He was Serzly seeking 4 attention! Thn ther was some otha singy singy due. Tha 1 cld sing diee! Wen Don moen was bout to start he nw started yelling “Wake up! Wake up ppl! Its Don moen1 lyk really, The Don Moen! My mentor!”. I cldnt help buh smile mehn. The Adefarasin guy(the orgainser) wasevn lyk we wer about half a million ppl presnt! No wonder how crazy it was! I stl feel reli proud to b 1 ov d thousands that stayed out all nyt singin and dancing 4 Jesus! Cuz reli I cn imagine wat ppl that don’t bliv in OGd musta bin sayin. They wld probly shake their heads nd call us crazy! Lol. Buh iguess we were, crazy 4 Jesus!

Thn durin Kirk Franklin’s performance, he was lyk ppl shld cum up nd show their Nigerian dancing skills. 1 guy nw went and totally killed it! Ah ahn! Wat dd he not do! Was it alanta? Yahoozey? Errthn! Kirk Franklin was soo impressed! Thn 1 ode guy nw came up nxt nd started break dancing. Kirk sooo bounced his ass outta ther mehn. He had boldly stated ‘Nigerian dancing Skills!’ that 1 nw wantd 2 show an American tha we cn break dance in africa. Ode. Hu snt him. Lmao!

Wen they roundin off the show, sum ppl actuali started chanting ‘Mre! More! More!

The journey bak:
You wont bliv we came home by ourselves too! Aseen, wen twas almost daybreak was wen it clicked that my sister meant we were gonna find our way bak home! I was too tired to evn b pissed! I jus kept replayin the previous day’s BRT experience nd I was jus oo sad! Fortunately she ws lk atll w’re not tan BRT again tha we wld tk a cab.
So we walkd down to one place lyk ths thn got a cab. Wen I sa we I mean al o us! Seen, my sister nd I plus ha frnd, ha frnds’ sister nd ha frnd’s frnd. We sha squeezed into the same cab tho we wernt all goin to the same place. I guess we all jus dint want to wait 4 the nxt cab. Err1 jus wantd to go! The cab guy nw stated vexin 4 us wen we were almost home that we din tel him we wer makin so many stops oh. My sister’s frnd frnd finished d guy ,ehn. Aseen1 I’m not one to insult elders nd all buh d guy sef was a case! He too talk mehn! D bbe gave it bak to him hot hot! Twas funny sha. Hope he doesn’t surse ha or us or sumn.
We sha got home in 1 piece!!!! Thank Jesus!


my futile attempt to write...i find it rather amusing tho...

I knew I loved you before I met you
It’s like I dreamed you into life…..

When you looked me in the eye
And told me you loved me
I thought that I was safe with you….

You lifted my feet of the ground
Spun me around…

Felt like I was floating in air
Lost in your eyes…

You opened my eyes
Made me believe…

I looked into your eyes
And I thought I knew you….

Now I’m not so sure….

I remember when you said forever & always…
Didn’t mean it, did you?

I was not the type to get my heart broken….

Now it’s all so different
Feels like I was just a victim….

We were living a lie….
Now I’m in this condition

Got all the symptoms of a girl with a broken heart….

JEALOUS: feeling angry or unhappy because someone has something that you would like; feeling angry or unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person.

I wonder why ppl find it so hard to admit that they’re jealous. Lyk serzly, wat is the big deal?!! We can rarely control our feelings or emotions so y try to hide from urself?

Me, I’ve come to terms with the reality that I am a jealous cow! I’m sooo jealous these days its disgusting! I’m jealous of my sisters, my bffs, the other girls guys I like talk to and the list is endless!

My sisters:

My older sister is lyk the perfectest child of my parents. I thot I was my dad’s honeypie nd all buh it turns out, hez moved on to my sister. On a normal day, I wldnt evn care bout hu the parents lyk more buh wen benefits nd priviledges start 2 come out of it, it affects me.
My mom is just on her own kentro serzly…she cn giv my sister money for straightening her bed! Wth?! Wuz d big deal in dah 1 nw? nd shez alwaez goin off bout how my sister wld b d purrfect wife nd mother nd all cuz shez so gud in the kitchen nd around the house. Puh-lease!! Gimme a break abeg! In d 21st century? Reli?
The annoyin fng is dah im nt as lazy nd useless as she fnks I am. Outside ov my house ppl kno me as the ‘neat’ girl. At least I fnk so…lol…buh on tha real, I cant stand dirt nd disorganised places. Buh at home, nobody sees me daht way…they all see me as the lazy fool!
And thn, my older sister is lyk sooo brave! Lyk she cn totally wear rubbish buh carry it lyk a million bucks! D annoyin fng is cuz ov ha confidence, ppl’ll nw actually dig d rubbish she wore!

My younger sister doesn’t have the most perfect lyf buh I stl envy ha tho. she doesn’t hav to worry bout so many fngs! Ok scratch that…she does…shez kinda lyk at that age wen u worry bout errfng!(the pre-teen years)

My bffs:
Bff1 nd I wer lyk almost the same b4. asin we both wer quiet to nu ppl buh talkative nd all wiv ppl we wer cool wiv. Sadly tho, I fnk im the only 1 dah stl does that. She seems lyk such a diff person nw. espeshly nw dah sec. sch’s over….iz lyk nw we’re just frnds struggling to kip in touch…ok…iz nt dah bad yet..buh I reli fnk shez sooo outgoin in ha nu sch so she probly has enuf nu reli close frnds tha r lyk the nu ha. Therz nt reli a nu ha buh therz lyk an improved ha…dunno wat im saen sef…I sha knot ha she cnt b dullin lyk me. Nd tis unfair. I wonder y tis soo hard 4 me to mk nu frnds. I hav a few nw buh they’re lyk at arms length. I’ve only known them 4 a month plus I don’t live with them lyk bff1 does in ha sch. Ohh welll. Daz hw wen the hols come, she’ll probly wnt 2 hang out wiv ha nu frnds nd I’ll b lyk ‘the tatcher!’ 

Bff2 hasn’t reli changed much. I fnk shez stl lyk me…u kno, keeping these nu frnds at arms length..the funny fng is I myt evn b wrong bout bbb1 being so close to ha nu frnds

Ooooo! Im tired ov wat im saen! I feel daft writin all these cuz it doesn’t evn mk sense nemore! Derz no real reason 4 me 2 b jealous ov my bffs! Only a teeny tiny 1 which is the fact that they’ll probly hav a lot more nu frnds thn me! Nd thaz nt evn sooo bad1 I jus wasted my tym typin ths long post!

i know i lukd real niiiiiccee 2day...not that i dont always luk nice cuz I do…really I do…(conceited much?yes! lol)rockd pink...again... i wore pink ths entire week...hehe... therz ths 2 dudes i want 2 start talkn 2...lyk iono y...i jus fnk they'd b real fun errdae im chillin nd chllin 4 fate 2 jus bring dem my way buh no such luck! btw i dont fnk the're hot or nefn oh...i jus lyk them as dudes 2 hang thaz hw ydae wen tha stupid dude took my seat, one ov em comes up nd tries ta tell tha dude 2 b a gentleman nd all buh d seat stealer doesnt budge. i sha walked out pissed. lera on, d one ov d 2 guys dah tried 2 save my seat 4 me nw saw me chillin at the bak ov the class nd is lyk oh so u're sittin here now? nd im lyk sadly yh. hez lyk eeyahh...nd den he jokes(i hope so) dah i shld hav threatened 2 bust the seat stealer's brains and i laugh thn he runs along,


i dunno y i hav ths stupid pride fng...i find it sooo hard 2 actually say hello 2 always fnkn y cant he/she say sup 1st.

sha sha sha...i dont hav a new crush...wich is unusual considerin i m in a new environment wiv alot ov males...i guess they just dont got my type...hiss

i miss all the boys i dont talk 2 nemore...the 1s tha got bored ov me, the 1s tha gt girlfrnds,the 1z tha felt they'v nw become bigs boys...*sigh*

btw. is it me or do ppl jus hate on otha ppl cuz they seem 2 hav errfng?
i mean isnt it just instinct 2 hate the babe tha remembad 2 bring ha umbrella while u're soaking wet unda the rain?
Or the babe who seems 2 b havin a blast partyin all ova the place while u're cozed up @ home studyyin? mscheeww

i think i need 2 b a tad bit more friendly...neva hav so many ppl asked me if im always 'ths quiet'. nonsense. me? quiet ke? therz jus no one 2 tlk 2.i miss my frnds...i evn had a dream wher we wer all bak in high sch...up 2 our old tricks...*sigh*
yes i kno ths is a rather sad and long post....

isnt it rather annoyin wen u catch a guy's eye errdae...lyk u kno hez totally feelin u nd all buh he doesnt step up??? it is!!! hisss. sometimes i dont blame some bbz 4 going all ths-is-the-21st century on guys... reli...

i am grateful 2 God 4 life nd all buh fngs r jus reli pissin me off atm...i probly shld quit worrying too much and over-thinkin thngs...lyfs too short shey?
Peace and love!

im bak!!!

hey guys!!! im bak!!!
aseen it feels lyk ive bin gone a whole yr buh iz reli jus a month!!
imma tell y'all wat hapnd in tha first place lera buh nw imm jus post all the things i wantd 2 post in tha last month!

nd yh, Happy holidays!!!!!
Christmas was sooo nice, i hope y'all had fun tew...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

another rant.....

I reli hate that all I have 2 tlk bout is school….

Sha sha sha. The male species intrigue me! Aseen. They never cease to amaze me. After all their ‘forming badguy’ they’ll stl some around. Like 1 dude lyk ths in my class. We had been catching each other’s eye for weeks. Sometimes we would even stare at each other for like 5 (or even more) minutes without blinking. I kept thinking, 1 day ths guy’ll step up and say hello until one day last week when he huffily said to me, “Excuse me!” when I was kinda like in his way. Aseen. I almost died. Not cuz he was so hot or nefn oh. He just had ths freshness that appealed to my eyes. He had ths mean eyes that were jus too sexy! He sed it lyk he was irritated by me. Since then I conditioned my mind that he wasn’t starin at me cuz he liked me. And I never caught his stare after that too.
So yesterday as I was leaving the building, guess who practically chased me down the stairs? I’ll tell u! My sexy eyed fresh starer!(is that evn a word? Aseen someone who stares). He was nw tryna be all smooth nd all. Ode. Afta practically chasing me down the stairs. He was sha real cool. Nd I guess we’re friends… no… acquaintances now. Yay!

Yh…nd I like someone!!! He’s not even all that cute. he is cute tho. Just not all that. I guess im gerrin more mature. Serzly. Ths time last year, looks were all that mattered when it came to boys. Ok not all buh looks wer a reli reli reli huge deal. I guess im nt all that shallow nemore.

Which reminds me! Sum guys r jus on another cruise! Reli! They just don’t get it! The guy that I wrote bout that got me earphones? Rememba him? He’s a disgu! Ugh! Aseen I cant evn stand to be within 2 ft ov him. I dint kno hw to get him off me so I tried changing my attitude. I dint wnt 2 b mean cuz hes’ in my class nd’ll probly b 4 a while (if I dnt leav the effin skul!). so I started actin lyk sum spoiled shallow bitch. Sayin stuff like, “I’ll choose covenant ova lag cuz ther r fresher ppl ther”, “I turn off my fone cuz I don’t want random ppl callin me”….
Ok so I cant reli rememba wat I sed…I sha kno I sed stuff that shld reli irritate him buh dint! He dint luk thrilled either tho. he sha dint leave me alone thaz d main fng 

Started one tree hill season 7 ydae…they actually cut lucas nd peyton out of it! Im nt exactly sad sha..buh I cnt bliv they removed 2 major characters jus lyk that…they replaced em wiv hotter characters tho…nd therz more shirtlessness! Hehe

Thankfully my mom has gotten off my case…

I stl miss my old life tho.

Chillin 4 dec…hope it doesn’t flop afta all my expectations…I kno God wnt do that 2 me sha.

Cuz somtyms iz lyk wen I plan stuff in my head, lyk daydream bout hw I wnt some day 2 go, it doesn’t work out at all! Lyk the day totally sucks! As if God is tryna tell me to let him tk control…mayb I shld stop tryna imagine/plan/organise the future in my head…hmmn…oh well…


Thursday, November 12, 2009


i know i sed it ydae buh im sayin it agin mother vexes the hell outta me! argh!! WTFH!! aseen, i am soo frustrated right now.

the things that i hate.
1.i hate it when people ask questions they know they wouldnt let you answer. like somebody says, "Did you take the trash out?" and just before you evn come up with a smart excuse they quickly add, "I dont know wh u're so lazy! you didnt take the trash out!"
WTF? y ask if u alredi knew?
2.i hate it when people see you doing something and bring their own somethings to you to be done.(HUH?)
like you're folding clothes thn sum1 cums along and drops her clothes beside you and goes "Pleaseeeee...since you're folding anyway" or you're doing the dishes and you're almost done thn sum1 cums nd drops their plate in the sink. mscheeew.
3.i hate it when people repeat themselves for emphasis. like really, do i look deaf? or slow? mscheew...
4.i hate it when ppl apologise unnecessarily. like it just really ticks me off mehn. Lyk im talkin 2 sum dude nd he says sumn but i dont reply cuz my mind was probly sumwher else thn he goes "Oh, i'm sorry.i sed sumn u dont like?" hiss. or im hangin wiv a dude nd thn he goes "sorry btw, for not lookin so fresh 2day" serzly, wuz my bizness? hiss or i sae im sad or not feeling too good nd thn ppl sae "Oh,i'm sorry" hiss, was it them that made me sad, y r they sorry? eyah, wat hapnd or hang in ther shld b the perfect response.
5.i hate it wen ppl ask you a question nobody else knows and when you dont know it, they act as if u're soo useless. odes, y dint they know the ansa themselves.
6.i hate it wen a conversation is dry nd no one has nefn else 2 say thn guys say "so wasup now" like reli, dint u ask me that at the beginning ov the convo. in short i jus hate it wen sum1 asks the same question more thn once in the same convo.
7.i hate it when ppl think they're being all blunt nd all buh wah they're reli doing is being friggin mean! its like ppl dont know how 2 give constructive criticism again.
8.i hate it when i try sumn that worked out perfectly 4 otha ppl nd it now blows up in my face. ah! i suffered ths 1 well in sec.sch. dahs how one time we wer cuttin a class thn the vice-principal approaches thn err1 jus runs past her. wen twas my turn was wen she nw pulls me bak! lyk serzly wth?
9.i hate tacky make-up mehn. argh! ths thing irritate the life outta me mehn. left to me, make-upis not by force if u dont kno how to use it. serzly, wats d point of spending ur money nd time on foundation that is (so bloody obvious) not ur shade by far or linin gur lips with a balck pencil + clear lip gloss. reli?? ewwww!
10.i hate it when a guy thnks u like him cuz u're reli nyc 2 him nd all buh nt so nice to otha guys that he knos u kno. iz not like errbody is the same so must i b nyc 2 errbody? obviously ppl hav distinguishing attribute that mk me act nicer to them thn othas...reli...guys that thnk like that shld grow a fuckin pair mehn!
11.ihate it when i have a missed call from sum1 nd i call or txt bak nd the persn doesnt acknowledge either. reli? wats ur point of now calling me in the 1st place if u're nt reli interested in talkn 2 me? hiss
12.i hate it wen bbz dress up lyk they dont own effin mirrors. i dnt kno y it affects me mehn. i kno its not my bizness and all buh reli, bbz lyk that r jus representin the female folk wrong!
13.i hate it when guys thnk its badass 2 b openly rude 2 girls. thats hw 1 dae on fb, one guy wrote sumn daft lyk tha as his status, one bbe(s'posed 2 b his frnd oh)now LOLed, the guy nw commented "who's ths one? shut the fuck up bitch! dont b commentin on my status if u aint got nefn sensible 2 sae, idiot!" im serz! to a gurl! evn if they're tight lk that iz stl wrong made it seem lyk she was sum tatcher or they wer not cul b4...hiss..guys...
14.i hate it when i hurry not to miss sumthn nd afta all my rush, i stl miss it. man, its vexin!
15.i hate it when i follow ppl on twitter nd they dont follow me bak. nt talkn bout celebrities here oh. real ppl that actually kno u nd tlk 2 u on a normal dae. r they tryna sae they're not interested in ur lyf? hiss
16.i hate it when my nail polish chips off nd i cant find the remover or the nail polish to retouch it. i'll now b lookin raggedy. doesnt happen often tho.
17.i hate it when ppl thnk its cul to act unserous bout academics. lyk reli, y take the thng tha'll mk u a badass rich bbe or guy in the future as a joke?
18.i hate it when u introduce ur frnd 2 anotha frnd thn they both become sooo close they 4get all bout u. hisss.
19.i hate it when ppl cut me off in tha middle of hot,spicy gist.
20.i hate it wen guys unnecessarily take my hand. abeg, i dont like it jare.
more to come...

jus remembad 1 room raiders i watched wher the girl that dint get pickd sed the girl that got pickd nd the guy r boring sad geeks cuz they blog. that bloggin is for ppl that r so sad, they dont hav real ppl 2 tlk 2. now is that true? y the hell wild sum1 thnk that?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

story story oh...

i guess its tyms lyk ths that i actually agree wiv my sista tha im a sad bbe mehn...afta ive done and said rubbish during tha day i'll nw cum home nd start blogging...

sha ive done nonsense again oh! ths tym i cant evn blame ne1 buh myself. ok so how dd it it start. i cnt evn rememba. i sha kno i was bored outta my mind nd im scrollin down my mssgr list nd im like i cn lyk 2 holla at all ths ppl i havnt tlkd 2 in a while...i nw hollad at HIM. i coulda skipped him oh...dont kno d devil tha possesed me not to...kmt...i nw sha sed sup. at 1st i thot he wasnt evn gonna ansa. i wantd 2 die!!! not that i care cuz i lyk him or sumn oh...i jus care cuz i care bout errfbg! serzly...random stuff affect me alot iono y...
the most important fng wiv dis particular dude is that he has a big EGO...serzly...if he shld gt into a battle wiv /kanye over hu has the biggest ego, he'd sooo win...d only thng is he kinda has a reason 2 b so full ov himself- hez a fiiine boy mehn.fresh nd al...
sha...that doesnt change the fact that i shldnt hav hollad..espeshly wen i hrd 1 gist lyk that bak in sec.sch that he sed i snt him 2 frnd reqs b4 he nw decidd 2 ansa me! aseen how far! y do ppl lie lyk that?! it dint bother me so much thn cuz the source was totally unreliable...buh fnkn bout it nw, wat it he actually dd sae it?
foolish boy...d annoyin fng is we actually used 2 yan oh...lyk we cld gist thru out an entire wkend...all of a sudden, we just dint holla at each otha nemore
bak 2 wen i hollad jare...ehen so he did ansa me..nd we talkd 4 a while nd all b4 i exed saen i was goin 2 bed...nxt dae, he starts the convo nd im lyk ehnnnn so u knew i was on ur mssgr list eva since eh? i sha ansad him nd we're talkin nd all..thn he snds me a frnd req on fb nd im lyk wtf?!! dd he delete me or sumn? mayb he reli dd sae those fngs bk thn oh...buh as a daft mumu, i add him wivout askin ne questions...

d main pint here is i dont like him buh my actions mk it seem lyk i do!!! aseen...i hate it wen ppl dont gt me mehn...i wuz probly too tired 2 start askn hw cum u're sndn me a req on fb nd alll...kmt..

i kno i shldnt care buh i cnt help it!!!

now 2 otha bizness...
my motha vexes me...aseen constantly....its so annoyin wen i see otha bbz gettin alon gqiv their moms. like 2day, we were in the car 2getha nd my sista nd i wer singin along 2 'Take ur shirt off' loudly thn she goes we shld be quiet joh, the drivers's not interested in hearing our voices. asin she sed it lyk we wer tryna entice the driver wiv our voices! eewwww! thn when she gets bak home wen she goes out, the way she knocks on the window irritates me! y on earth shld a persn knock on thw window ??!! my sista sed its ha signature knock so we'll kno its her cuz no one else knocks on the window(y shld they?!) thnshe keeps on talkin in incomplete sentences lyk i shld b able 2 read her mind or sumn..hiss

nd yh...i got invited 2 a pool party...buh i cnt nt evn al that sad cuz im shy lyk on the real...i wld sooo not go 4 a pool party wher i kno lyk only 1 persn(the dudue that i nvited me). i wld b sooo self-conscious nd i havnt eva partied by myself myself i mean wivout my frnds or my sista...ive been feelin kinda bad dayin i cnt go...its the 1st fng hez invitin me 4 nd i cnt go...oh well...hope he doesnt fnk im such a juvie...

thn therz ths dude in my class i fnk is reli feelin me nd al...hez jus ther...lyk reli...i cant say im terribly repulsed by him buh im nt feelin him either..hez lyk all those kinda guys that apologise quickly nd all...not my type...i lyk rude tho...the bad boys are always catchin my eye...lolthn i thnk in his mind hez impressin me wiv his convo skills..lyk i dont fnk they're original...buh he dd gt me earphones 2day...that was sweet...he askd y i was down nd i sed twas cuz my ipod earphones broke thn he went nd got me earphones...the girls i tlk 2 wer nw lyk sweet nd all...warrevs...

therz 1 curie pie ive bin noticin mehn...buh i hav a felin all hez got is his cuteness mehn...lyk im nt reli feelin his swag nd all...dnt gt me wrong hez nt razzzz or totally uncool, hez jus not a badass guy. all ths guys sef, dey too lyk games...they'll be givin u eye buh they'll nt step up...tis gerrin rather old mehn...

oh yhh...boyfy nw came nd started interogatin me on mssgr that wah exactly was i talkn bout nd all...i shulda known he dint undastnd cuz the way he was callin me twice a day nd yelling baby!!! hunnay!! smh

ohhhh...i jus breezed mehn...buh i cnt help it mehn...

ohhh...thn therz that cutie frm church...i fnk hez kinda shy...buh at least he stepped up so i guess not! tha dude is fresh steez mehn...ah

neway...thaz all i hav 4 nw...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

so much to say!

ok so i have alot 2 say ths tym! havnt got alot ov tym tho!
school is gerrrin bera...however the sun is stl a bother...ive started talkn more 2 ppl nd all...i wonder y i thot i was reli friendly b4...i guess im nt...
you wont bliv wat hapnd 2 me 2day?! one olodo boy stole my seat! the seat that i chose afta coming 2 nd half hrs early 4 the class!

wil continue ASAP!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My future magazine article....when lurv takes over...nd it knocks u down...

Hey people!!!
I wrote this listening to
Keri Hilson’s knock you down right after when love takes over – David
Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland. (Hence, the title) Lately I’ve just been on that sad love songs
p. Contrary to what you may think, I have not by any chance ‘fallen in or out of
love’. Not that love is a bad thing, but I think it is extremely overrated. And
can be dangerously unhealthy especially when one of the parties involved ‘falls’ helplessly
for the other and hi/her’s love isn’t exactly reciprocated.

Sometimes I wonder why people even bother to give love a shot after all the countless unhappy endings those before us have had as a result of ‘love’. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against love. I just don’t believe that most people actually understand the feelings they interpret as love. This applies especially to young people. I just don’t get why people just don’t settle for ‘like’. Why do they have to go all the way and profess ‘love’ for their gf or bf. To be honest, I find it rather nauseating when I see 14,15,16 year olds claiming to love their bfs or gfs. There’s nothing wrong in really liking someone. You don’t have to abuse the use of the word ‘love’ for people to take your relationship seriously! It’s funny how people think real life love is just like love in movies and songs.(we wish!)

On the real though, if love were that easy, I’d probably be in love right now sef. Just like this movie Angel eyes; Jim Caviezel falls helplessly in love with J’lo after she saves him from a terrible car crash that kills his wife and his son. Obviously they go through the whole break up and make up stage(like any other book, movie or song!) then finally live happily ever after! I know there are a million more movies like that but believe me, that Angels eyes brought tears to my eyes. I could totally feel their love all the way from where I was sitting on my couch. It felt soooo magical. But then again, it’s a freaking movie! The point of the movie was to give it that effect. My love songs p probably started right after I watched that movie.

Back in the real world, love can be rather discombobulating! There’s this girl I know that loves(or so she thinks) this guy I also know. The problem however is that the guy and her best friend are sooo close it’s hard to tell if the guy likes the best friend as a gf or as a good friend. Also, the best friend isn’t completely sure how she feels about the guy in question. So what does the babe do? Does she flick the love switch in her heart off if she finds out the guy does like(or perhaps love) her best friend? Is it really that easy to just stop loving somebody?

According to some cold-hearted bastards, it is! Just the other day, I was watching Dr.90210. A lady requesting for a tummy tuck told us her story: she loved a guy. The guy also loved her. They got married. Their love was so magical and beautiful. They had a baby together. One day, when the baby was only a few months old, the lady found a text message from the guy’s mistress on his phone. She confronts him. He apologizes and decides that he’s choosing the mistress over his wife. He simply didn’t love her anymore. Just like that! After getting her pregnant(losing her figure and everything), he just left!

I felt so bad for her! I just can’t imagine how she eventually pulled herself together( if love is as strong as they say it is). Left to me, that kind of rejection should be something you never recover from if you really did love the guy. (only if God intervenes sha).

Even the legendary Romeo and Juliet love story didn’t end happy. As for me, I’d rather just be really fond of a guy, enjoy his company and respect him(and make out with him too! LOL). That way, if he messes up or my fondness just isn’t as it was, no hearts are broken.

It’ll forever remain a mystery to me why some people intently hand over their hearts to others knowing fully well that the future cannot be predicted.
Well people, be sure to love healthily if you must love at all. After all, some people do say “ ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have not love at all”. Try not to need your bfs and gfs too much. And don’t for any reason be inspired to be the modern day Romeo or Juliet. Trust me, no love is worth dying for ;)

Be safe! X

Gf- girlfriend

And if you’re interested in sad love songs too, I highly recommend
:Forever & always by Taylor swift(very touching!),I’m only me when I’m with you by Taylor swift, I knew I loved you before I met you by Savage Garden, love like this by Natasha Bedingfield, Part of the list by Ne-yo, Unfaithful by Rihanna and My life would suck without you by Kelly Clarkson


So i dont reli hav anything interesting to say. i started Unilag last week....the first thing i have to say bout that is THE SUN IN UNILAG IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!! serzly! sun and me dont go well atal!!
apart from that i guess lag is reli not that bad. before i got ther i was expectin to seeee razzz yoruba speaking guys and girls errwher buh i was totally wrong. the ppl r actually aite. the classes r aite too i guess. thn therz ths mahd chicken place. their chicken is soooo skenzy!

therz also lots ov fresh dudes! my class ther r lyk 5 that hav caught my eye so far. sadly i dont tlk 2 ne ov em. i dont evn kno y. its lyk wen err body was formin their lil cliques nd all i wasnt der or sumn. nw errr1 has ppl dey roll with so iz kinda l8 4 me 2 try nd hang wiv ne1. therz ths 2 guys that r soo rude! like serzly, their rudeness disgust me!
lyk 1 day, i was walking wiv sum guy they knew nd they stop 2 say wasup,do that handshake thng guys do and totally IGNORE ME!!!! they dint evn try to avoid my eyes. they stared right at me thn walked away. the 2nd time, they wer seatin wiv som girl i kinda kno so wen i was passing by, the babe was like "hiiiii" nd im like "heyyyyy" nd they just stare right at me. nd they kept on staring lyk that! i was almost tempted 2 scream "its rude 2 stare!" mscheew.foolish boys. thn therz ths girl i fnk wnts 2 b my frnd buh d fng is tha i dnt reli hav tym 2 hang around the faculty nd 'be friends' wiv ha...

another thing: its like the boys in my class r reli reli serz no joke...havnt seen ne ov thm tryna put the moves on ne girl...the senior boys(jeez! that's soooo high sch ryt?) k the upper-class men however r nt evn takin it ez wiv us freshmen atal...therz nowher i go that som1 doesnt offer to walk me, drive me,show me a short cut or jus talk 2 me!
uni boys! therz lots ov cute 1s tho...enuf bout skul jor

i exed boyfy!!!! aseen i felt so weird evn callin him that...ugh! that boy got on my nerves mehn...u wldnt evn bliv hw i dd it! i snt him an offline msg on msn! yh. i kno im a coward! ha! buh serzly agreeing to b his gf was by far the stupidest lamest fng ive eva done in my lyf! lyk no joke! me that i used 2 smh at ppl that jus go out wiv nebody...thnk god it was jus a month sha...wen i nw tld bff1(the frnd dah was close 2 boyfy) she was nw lyk r u serz? i guess i dint reli kno him that well oh..she nw had the effontry 2 sae tis gud 4 me, nxt tym i wont go out wiv som1 i dint kno nefn bout!
i dint evn hav tym 2 remind ha tha she was the 1 hu tld me:hez a reli nyc dude oh,serzly...nd hez cute too(atal!). boyfy is jus d 1 i kinda feel bad 4...he musta bin soo vexd tha we dint evn get 2 make out like that...heheee..thank goodness 4 that!i dont evn kno if he reli gt the msg cuz he nw started txtin me more thn he used to evn afta saen if thaz wah i want tis cul...disgu! enuf bout him tew joh!

nw 2 exciting news!! we might b movin!!! aseeen im sooo excited! im nt showin my mom ne excitement bout it tho cuz it seem ne tym i let ha kno hw excited i am, she pulls the rug ryt from unda me..lyk she dd wiv the whole goin 2 yankee 4 uni fng....hillzzz

btw im stl vexin 4 my u imagine wat he sed? lemme tel u: wen i chkd my waec result, mumsy was lyk cal ur dad nd tel him oh...she nw cald him on ha fone nd was lyk hold on for (my name). next thing, he says, "what? you want money shey?" i was sooo weak! me nd my dad used 2 b soo cul! we usd 2 jus tlk bout random fngs, gossip bout my mom nd my sisters...i neva evn ask him 4 money! if i want money frm him i ususally snd my mom or my sista, i neva reli ask him! he nw sed such a hurtful fng! mschewww. parents!

thats all i hav 4 nw...
peace nd love!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

:::mY QueST foR SeLf-aSsErTiVeNeSS:::

Recently I’ve been thinking bout how much I’ve changed this past year. Turns out I’m not reli who I thought I was. Turns out I don’t reli lyk the things I thought I liked. I don’t reli hate the things I thought I hated. I’m not so good at the things I thought I was good at. I’m actually not as bad at the things I thought I was horrible at. *sigh* I guess I haven’t reli known myself these past years.

I thought I hated country music. Asin, hate is even a mild word.
I thought green was the skenziest color in the whole wide world.
I thought bright-colored eye shadow was the ish.
I thought TAO was sooo cool.
I thought TWO was reli weird.
I thought my prom would be the bunzest day this year.
I thought Jonas brothers were a rock band.
I thought I’d b in UMD by now.
I liked plantain.
I believed I didn’t reli need make-up.
I thought I needed a bf.

Taylor Swift is the best fng tha happnd 2 my iPod.
I totally heart the color purple…green’s stl aite tho.
I think smoky eyes r def the ish.
I kno TAO is the most annoying guy I’ve ever known.
I don’t think TWO is all that weird. Hez jus different.
Prom wasn’t all that.
I kno the Jonas bruvs r jus a two-hit wonder pop group.
Unilag is my fate oh…for nw…
I hate plantain…asin I cant stand it…
I’ve realized make-up is pretty essential evn if it hardly shows.
I kno I dint need a bf.

Also I found out I cant reli cook lyk I thot I cld. Asin all this tym mumc was naggin tha I’ll regret nt being in d kitchen wiv ha I thought yh yh, hu tld ths woman I cnt cook. I mean I cn mentally cook lots of things buh I neva hav the tym 2 try em out. Hmmmn. Do boys nowadays evn reli care if their future wives can cook? I don’t fnk so… I cn cook sum fancy stuff sha, buh sum ov the basics r a problem. Jus ydae, I made spaghetti and lez jus say it dint end up so good. Common spaghetti oh! I was so embarrassed! My mum was nw tryna act lyk it wasn’t dah bad…I would hav sooo preferred 4 ha 2 spark mehn…hw cnt I make mahd spaghetti at 16??!!! Hisss. D spaghetti itself wasn’t bad buh the sauce was ‘too red’. *sighs*

Then I also found out I don’t hav a talent. I always thot my talent was writing buh I’m startin 2 fnk iz jus cuz I was too lazy to delve into any other activity lyk ballet(too late nw) or running(nt evn possible) or swimming or debate or drama(stage fright!). nw I feel lyk a total under-achiever. Lyk serzly I don’t hav any special skill that I cn use 2 compete against sum1 else. To me I believe that if u cant evn dare 2 compete against ppl wiv ur similar talent thn u’re probly nt tha talented. My mumc fnks I’m wrong bout that. She says err1 has 2 work on their talent reli hard b4 they cn compete and dah competition isn’t errthn in lyf. She may ryt sha.
Iz sha vexin dah afta reli feelin lyk sum writer, all of a sudden I feel lyk my stories suck! Asin I was evn considering publishing sum ov ths stories nd nw I feel lyk they’re totally worthless. Mayb I shoulda taken literature in sch. Serzly. All writers shld b able 2 write poems nd stuff dah rhyme ryt? Well I cant. So I’ll probly hav 2 work on a new talent. Any ideas??? *sigh*

p.p.s I dint mention dancing or singing cuz I alredi kno I cn dance buh I don’t fnk I hav d tym 2 work on my moves 2 become reli talented and as for singing, im tone-deaf.

P.s I’m sorry God, if I sound ungrateful.

TAO-The annoying one
TWO-The weird one.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

~~::SAtdaE NyT rAmBLiNgS::~~

Its probly stale gist that life is an unfair bitch. Buh reli, wat can one do? Nw to serz business 

I’ve become a jealous stalker!!! Lmao…buh serzly tho, I have.

It started off wiv my bff’s leaving me nd startin uni. Iz nt lyk I’m 1 dumb olodo dah cldnt get into uni oh, I’m jus chillin 4 my stupid sch 2 start…
Sha errdae they’ll nw b txtin/callin me…givin the lowdown ov their nu skuls…huz hawt,huz not, huz razz, huz dumb, huz broke, huz a whore,huz a cross dresser blah blah…
Twas all fun in tha beginning, buh nw iz gerrin rather old...serzly…im tired ov hearin gist ov ppl that r(nd will neva) b related 2 my life…lyk 2dae 4 instance, I got lyk 55 txts frm bff1 bout hw shez settlin dwn,hw nyc ha room is, hw hot the guys r, hw ‘jus der’ the girls r,hw sum bbe wuz throwin herself shamelessly at sum guy. *rolls eyes*(yh, we’re shallow lyk that) lol .don’t get me wrong, im elated 4 my frnds…serzly…im real happy 4 them buh I jus cant take it nemore!!! Am usually the 1 wiv overflowing gist nd all, iz so one kind dah im d 1 jus goin: ‘r u serz?’ ‘omg,dd she reli??!’ ‘Ho my! He sounds hot oh!’.

Bff2’s own iz jus d height! She keeps sayin d same gist over nd over again! The annoying part is wen shez bout 2 hang up she nw goes, “It’s reli cool tho. Really. I’m enjoyin it. Lots ov fresh ppl. Blah blah” thn she’ll nw be giggling lyk sum cute guy’s tickling ha. Msccheww. Lool.

Jealousy will not kill me oooooooooooooooo. Lool…iz aite sha…I’d rather b hearin that my frnds r havin a ball thn hearin hw much they h8 their skul…

Nw to the stalker business:
I don’t evn kno hw ths 1 started. It myt evn hav started on blogville oh…nah…yh, I rememba…he snt me a frnd req on fb. 4 nw lez jus call him “the smart one” (TSO) lol…sha I nw wnt 2 go nd shek howt TSO. I found out dah he wuz frnds wiv 1 ov my sista’s sorta ex-bff. D bbe is reli an allrite bbe so I accepted d req cuz ov ha(nd yh his pic wuz interesting). Sometime later, I found out that TSO was a writer. Considerin hw I hav a fng 4 guys wiv talent, I was instantly drawn 2 him. I started chkin out his notes on fb.(yh, im jobless lyk that).
Thn I find out bout his blog and I become immensely addicted to it! Nxt fng I kno, I bookmark his fb profile &his blog. In short, I know a whole lot bout ths guy nd hez only spoken(written) 3 words 2 me! Obviously I feel lyk a foolish stalker!

Nxt came “the funny one” (TFO). Ths 1 has bin my frnd lyk eva since I joined fb. Aseeen sinceeeee...u kno that tym ppl jus used 2 add nebody that lukd aite nd probly had frends in common wiv. Sha 1 dae lyk ths I found myself in TFO’s notes. Ho my! Ths dude can write!!! Shettt…he cn write a book wiv james patterson mehn…for real…nd his style is so real,nd funny, nd young! I nw bookmarked his profile too. So basically, a dose ov 1 ov his notes errdae ‘makes the medicine go down’. Lol. Thn I began reading his wall,his posts,errfng bout him sha…asin TFO is soo funny! Plus we’ve got sooo much in common! We lyk d same kinda music, movies nd evn tv series! We’re jus meant to be mehn…only that hez only sed (written) bout 5 words 2 me. I hav a feelin he remembas I exist sha. kmt.

Y cant the guys that I like, like me bak?!! Y don’t I like the ones that like me?! (including my so called bf??) **sighs** I tire mehn.

I gotta do sumn bout boyfy mehn…ths has gone on long enuf…


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jus anotha picture to burn....

k so im stl on the taylor swift p...ive jus bin switching between picture to burn, forever&always and you belong with me all music isnt as bad as ppl mk it sound btw.

therz alot ov random nonsense on mind mehn...wher to begin?!
1st ov all,i've gone nd done wat i've bin promisin myself i'd neva do. no, i dint run off nd hav sex with som hot rock star. i got myself a boyfriend i dont reli like. tis nt lyk i dont like him at all, i jus dont lyk him lyk dah. i thot i dd buh that wuz jus a moment ov weakness + the effects ov taylor swift songs. also, i thot he wuz som sick rapper lyk ths buh it turns out he doesnt hav ne talents worth talkin bout. incase u're wonderin y i thot he wuz a rapper, iz cuz he wuz always tellin me hez workin on his music nd i jus figured he wuz rappin or at least singin notjus makin lame ass beats.kmt.btw hw his lack of talents cums in cuz im annoyingly attracted to guys wiv talents. serzly...nefng frm rappin,singin,bball,track to writing + at least 2 attractive physical features is totally enuf 4 me. sadly he has none.
and we dont evn hav ne chemistry goin on at all! i reli dont kno wat i was fnkn. mayb iz cuz ive nt had a bf since lyk...well..a while... or mayb im jus gerrin stupid. asin the dude is sooo nt my type.fashi d fact tha derz no talent, hez soo lovey-doveyish..ewww...asin err guy tha knos me well knos im nt intersted in the whole 'love' fng...he'll nw b sayin he loves, he loves, he loves me...argghhh! its annoyn!i prefer 2 stick to i'i reli like u'. also we hardly hav nefn 2 say 2 each otha. we cld b on the fone nd nt hav anythn 2 tlk bout 4 30 whole minutes! thaz jus nt workn 4 me! evn online, afta the usual hey,watchu up 2, watchu do 2day, therz nun else 2 sae!

how, u may ask dd gt myself involved wiv dis pahetically swagless excuse 4 a bf? well, he was my frends close frnd and sorta my frend.(u kno, hello, hey kinda frnds) thn sadness nd taylor swift possessed me into practically stalkn(on facebook) all my guy frends in search ov a potential bf. in the course, i stumbled upon his wall. ther wer lyk back to back posts frm lyk 8 diff girls tellin him hw much they miss him nd luv him nd dey cant w8 2 tlk 2 him soon balh blah..nd im lyk ths guy is a badguy oh..c hw all dese bbz r feelin him..thn my frndz lyk yes naww,tha hez lyk the funniest guy she knos...tha he cld evn b the nicest dude shez ever known...
thn out of nowher(lyk a movie), he asks me out! aseen, twas xtremli shockin cuz we wernt evn talkn lyk that... stupid ol me wuz too shocked @ the coincidenc to evn giv it a moment of thought, so i say "uhm ok i gues we cld giv a shot". nxt thin i kno, he starts tellin me hw much he luvs me nd cant stop fnkn bout me.***rolls eyes***

if twas jus ne guy, i woulda tld him tis nt workin out eva since buh ths guy was kinda lyk a frnd. btw he wasnt that bad wen we wer jus frnds..wont it b cruel 2 jus break his heart? (thats if he reli does over lyk me lyk he claims) hilzzz...

ahbeg...i cant evn bother myself too much bout ths guy. really.ther r otha fngs in lyf. lyk situation wiv sch is jus sad. atleast nw i kno yankee is totally out of the picture. afta all those friggin essays i wrote,SAT lessons for 3 months,tiring applications...hisss...they jus decided tha yankees's too far nd the family we hav ther r too bz to kep an eye on me nd thaz xactly wat i nid blah blah...hiss...thn tha nxt fng wuz Ghana...afta all d plans nd errfng, turns out i havta w8 till nxt yr 4 Ghana...the only options im seein nw r unilag nd covenant...*sigh*

lately ive bin arguin wiv my sister over stupid irrelevant fngs...altho we've bin doin that since lyk 4eva, ths tym is different cuz our views are as far apart frm each other as venus and pluto. funny thing is according to ha, so many otha ppl feel the same way she does..lyk for example, r video vixens in Nigeria respected? i think not! y wld ne self-respectin badguy b proud 2 carry a babe that has grinded all those razz musicians publicly on his arm as his gf? apart frm that, i thot twas an established fact that 85% ov the naija bbz tha do music videos r razz drop-outs seekin fame by force. accordin 2 my sister, guys'll b proud 2 sae "dyu kno tha bbe that was in tha correct vid is my bbe oh" if she was so classy nd all, y wld she b grindin or kissin a total stranger on tv?!
ok i kno tha wuz breez buh i jus cldnt help it cuz ive 4gotten wat i actually wantd 2 post!

P.s i have a new crush!
p.p.s he has a talent!!! he writes!!! and is funny!!but probly doent kno i exist :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

~TeardRopS oN mY guiTaR~

ok so that was a very offkey title...wateva...the song is quite touchin tho...incase u dont kno, teardrops on my guitar was sung by taylor swift. iz amzing hw sum ppl actually say they dont fnk shez all that...espeshly afta kanye's drama @ the vmas..

wel thaz nt wahz reli on my mind...its a contributing factor tho...sha my recent state of boredom has caused me 2 involve myself in lotsa new fngs...

watchin old movies,watchn tv series on dvd,listening to country music,sleepin for 13 hrs(hehe) are jus som ov tha nu stuff i've picked up recently...

sha i watched ths old movie 'angel eyes'(corny title shey??)jim caviezel and Jlo wer in was sooo nice!! jus makes love seem sooo magical...Jlo was a in the beginnin ov the movie she saves jim's life...him and his family wer jus involved in a car accident nd his family died...he was kinda unconscious so he dint reli see JLo's face...jus her eyes..guess thaz hw the title cums

sha in the course ov the movie jim saves Jlo from a gang banger that tried to avenge his bruvs after the whole superman nd lois lane act, they kinda start seein each otha...buh at first tis lyk they're playing games wiv each otha cuz jim caviezel doesnt tell Jlo nefn bout himself...not evn his real name! he acts extremely distant nd all...except when he shows how he feels bout ha..thn she googles him nd finds out he's the guy she saved...thn she helps him face the reality ov his wife nd son's death inorder to create space for their love...
at the end sha, iz all sooo touchin cuz he lets go ov his past nd then they become exclusive!

funny thing is i cant reli rememba y ths movie wuz enchanting! serz! guess u jus hav 2 watch it to feel it cuz i definetly dint tel tha story well...

angel eyes+taylor swift songs+gossip girl season 2+one tree hill season 6+i knew i loved you before i met you by savage garden+part of the list by Ne-yo = all sorts ov mushy feelings!

serzly...afta watchn angel eyes nd listening to all those sad/happ lurv songs nd watchin blair nd chuck's love game nd watchin all ov em in one tree hill being in love, i am now a sucker for love!

they all make love seem so magical! enchanting! ts soo sad i dont fnk that cn happen in real life least not nw...mayb lera sha...

oh well..cheers to y'all that hav found such lurv!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


sumtyms i wonder if guys r bitchier thn gurls...their schemin,cheatin,lying &misyannin r sooo much worse!!! comparin my personal experiences nd that of othas,ther r diff groups of bladdy bitchy dudes!

there r those that r bitches cuz they jus r!

those that hav 2 b 2 gt wah they want

and those hu r jus tew insecure and depressed 2 hav nefn bera 2 do!

imma start wiv the 1s hu havta bitches 2 gt wah they want...

these group ov guys are mostly jus daft boys hu cant fnk ov bera ways 2 gt wah they want...they've got desires,ambitions,goals buh they've also gt fngs stoppin dem frm gerrin wah they want...therefore they say and do fngs that a bitch wld do ..

lyk therz ths dude hu reli lyks ths bbe buh the bbe thot he wuz tryna play ha wiv his 'homegirl'...his 'homegirl' was always hangin wiv him, lyk all tha tym! so his bbe found it hard 2 bliv they wuz jus frends. this dude nw lied that 'homegirl' was the one hu asked him out but he said no but stl tlks 2 ha cuz he feels sorry 4 ha. wat a bitch!!! iz nt as if his gf completely blivs the story oh..he jus tarnished his so-called 'homegirls's rep 4 nufn!

stay tuned 4 the rest

Friday, July 31, 2009


iz jus too sad wen a person's so called frends turn out to be fake-ass binshes hu dont reli giv 2 fucks about u...btw, ths post is sooo not about me(thankfully) buh iz about som1 reli close 2 me tha keeps gerrin haself hurt! as i was saen...bbz shld reli get a lyf and stop bitchin bout ppl mayne...i mean, if u dont reli want 2 b frends wiv a persn, get d fuck outta their bizness...cuz lyk it seems lyk a common fng nowadays...ppl claim 2 h8 ur guts buh wen iz tym 2 gt in ur biz, they're totally up 4 it...

sha ths is wat vexed me the most that inspired me 2 write ths post:

crazystupidbiatch writees that she z luvn nd missn a dude as ha facebook status.
interestedpasserby teases crazystupidbiatch nd dares ha 2 post d dude shez talkn bout's name.
crazystupidbiatch actually posts d dude's name.
turns out iz helplessbabe's bf.
mz.imustspeakmymind(also helplessbabe's frend) comments on tha status nd tells it lyk it is.
helplessbabe, out of pure humor and bewilderment, decides 2 post u luv my bf? lmao.
emphasis on the lmao.
thn crazystupidbiatch huz clearly wivout a sense ov humor posts anotha status saen sumthn lyk bring it on,u cant stop me,imma fyt till d end.
nxt fng errbody(ppl dat hav nun bera 2 do) starts buzzn tha therz a boy fight on fb!!!

do ppl not undastnd wat a fight is??? helplessbabe's comments wer adorned wiv acronyms signifying laughter---> twas all jus jokes 2 ha! on the otha hand, crazystupidbiatch's comments wer totally aggresive nd fightyish! so y wld ne1 in their ryt minds consider them both on the same level???

d vexn part is that helplessbabe's so-called frends hu r in anotha continent buh seem 2 fnk dey kno bout all da fngs goin on, r the main ppl behind d spreadin ov totally untrue(FAKE) gist!! dey kno dat helplessbabe knos dat dey kno d status ov ha relationship wiv ha bf(hw they're gud nd all)buh newaiz dey stl go ahead nd act lyk dey're clueless bout d whole ish nd drop lame-ass comments lyk 'lmao' 'i am disappointed in bbz mehn' 'dint kno ppl stl fight ova boys oh' .lyk dey dont kno d dude nd helplessbabe are exclusive nd crazystupidbiatch wuz jus seekin 4 attention! if dey knew dey wernt gonna back up their frend, dey coulds refrain frm makin public comments!

i mean do they not realis dat wen tha outside world sees such comments, dey cn lyk 2 fnk tha helplesbabe has bin tatchin/claimin d dude all ths while...nt that we shld pay ne attention 2 wat h8ers sae nd all buh dis kinda stuff is jus bad 4 a babe's reputation!!!

thn to add to it all, they'll now call up helplessbabe nd b lyk i saw wat tha crazystupidbiatch wrote oh...shez sooo dumb mehn...nd helplessbabe'll b fnkn thank God 4 frends in tyms lyk th oh...AS IF...fake,fakers....hilllllzzz

tis vexin sha...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

yesterday wuz 1 ov the not-so-good(in mild terms) days of my entire lyf! i shoulda jus gone bak 2 bed the moment i woke up! ok soo i went 2 bed tha nyt b4 wiv no credit on my fone fnkn 1st thing in the mornin, i'll gt i wake up lyk 9,throw on ths huge t-shirt nd baggy shorts,brush my teeth(yes i did!) thn scurry off to get sum credit...a part ov me is lyk, bbz r u crazy, wat if sum1 sees u wiv ur hair in a mess nd all...the other part is lyk soo wat do u care, u need 2 gt ths credit...
so i get out into the street and therz no single person outside...asin no one lyk wateva lemme go gt my credit jare thn i gt 2 wher the bbe tha sells the credit stays nd therz nobody ther...instead ov me 2 jus accept my fate nd go bak home, i start wanderin all the connectin streets lukn 4 crdt wich i dint find.. thn i luk around me nd find out therz is reli no one on ne street...mehn...i wuz lyk sooo pissed...obviously a part ov me wuz gr8ful that no 1 saw me in my disheveled state buh i stl needed tha credit!!!
ther wuz ths parry goin down yesterdae nd i hadnt tld my momz i wantd 2 go...knowin she h8s last minute fngs i jus thot(feelin smart wiv myself)i'd tell my frnd 2 tell ha that shez havin a sleepover nd she wants me 2 cum,sorry iz short notice nd all...cuz im lyk she cnt sae no 2 sum1 else joh...only 4 the stupid govt 2 mess up my runz wiv their whole environmental sanitation fngy...turns out thats y nobody wuz selin nefn or evn on the street...the fng wuz s'posed 2 end by 10...soo ppl wer s'posed 2 start sellin stuff afta im composin the txt i wnt my frnd 2 snd 2 my momz thn i realiz its past ths tym i run a thru brush my razz weave...change into a much bera top thn head outside reli fnkn, err body'll rush 2 start selln steez cuz they kno they've missed alot ov sales while the sanitation wuz goin down...waz i eva sooo wrong! the streets wer exactly the way i left em! i was extremely fried mehn...ah ahn..hw lazy cld ppl get...btw, the clock wuz tickin...

sha i finally get the credit lyk around past i snd the 3 page long txt 2 my frnd 4 ha 2 4ward 2 my momz...she doesnt reply till lyk 12.30...shez lyk she wuz stl sleepin...nehoo...she sha snt the txt 2 my momz...
nxt fng i momz yells my name nd thn i go 2 hear wat she has 2 say...shez lyk i shldnt tell my frnds 2 b sendin ha msgs...espeshly wen shez bz(watchn those razz africa magic satdae mornin fngys...hilz!)...that hw cn my frnd expect ha 2 let me cum 4 a sleepova that same day wen shez jus hearin bout after lyk iz reli nt that big ov a deal..nd shez lyk it is..nd btw she doesnt kno my frendz parents so no ,no and no, i cant go!

i wantd 2 die mayne!!! ths was s'posed 2 b the last official partay ov the summer b4 most ppl travel 4 the holidays! man, wuz i pissed! the annoying fng is that i hadnt anticipated that response in ne way! i had alredi pikd out my outfit, laid it on the bed nd all...hell, i had evn pikd out the hair band i'd put in my hair!shett...the shock wuz jus too much 2 bear...i kno iz jus a party nd ther'll b othas...buh ths 1 wuz differnt! im serz! i jus had a feeling i wld hav had soooo much mahd fun! i rememba wen sum bbz wer lyk they cant mk it ohh nd in my mind im lyk yay me, i can!! arghhh!!! twas vewi painful ohh...i nw had 2 start calln errbody that i cnt mk it...sad dae, yesterdae wuz...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

raNdom tHots oN an eaRly fridAe morNin...

ok so i kno im probly bout tew breeze nd nt mk ne sense buh i cant help wuz on my mind,can i? therz ths dude...tall,caramel colored skin..perfect teeth...tha skenziest mouth...the brutha wuz fiiinnnee!period! sha..we wer frnds...constantly txtin ourselves...talkn 4 hours on the fone..ok nt hours...jus reli loong mins...lool..k..tha fact tha he wuz ez on tha eyes dont mean he wuz ez on the ears!(dry, i kno)...conversations wv him wer simply BORING! asiiin..derz no way of sugar-coatin it mehn... nd before u fnk im completely shallow 4 talkn 2 a boy jus cuz he wuz fine, he wuz also reeeallly reaallly nyc...annoyingly nyc sef...buh his nicenes nd his fineness dint cover up 4 his dryness...besides being dry...he wuz...shlda sae weird?? nahh...lemme jus sae strangely different frm ur average naij boy...that shld b a gud fng unda normal circumstances buh in ths dude's case, i wuz creeped out...he'd sae fngs lyk hav yhu eva felt lyk jus callin ur bf up nd saen,"baby i wanna cry wiv yhu"...lyk 4 no reason oh..jus cry wiv him...helloo??? im nt that crazy abeg...
sha i jus couldnt b his gf wen he askd me...i made silly cliche excuses lyk "i lyk u better as jst a frnd"...wen i was nw feeln bad 4 him, i nw stewpidly sed"my frnd fnks u're extremely hawt!" (wich wuz a lie btw)my frnd actually thot he wasnt worth the tym of day..or so i thot then...sha he acted uninterested nd all tryna put up that its yhu i want attitude(wich was reli sweet)...

the main issue is that presently, my caramel skiined dude is all buddy buddy wiv that my frnd that h8ed his guts!! they'll nw b txtin each otha all dae, errdae! she'll nw b doin "oooo,ths dude shld lemme alone naww" as if shez stl repulsed by if...thaz evn nt wat is painin me...wah iz doin me gan-gan is that the dude has totally exd my side!!! im nt jealous ohhh...i dnt evn hav a problem wiv my frnd...i evn tease ha bout it...

i jus wish guys wld hav more sense somtyms!! nd consideration!! hw does he fnk i feel wen im wiv ha nd he kips txtin ha buh barely hollas @ me in months!!! ARGHHHH!!! sure i sound lyk a broken-hearted bbe...atolzz...that is sooo nt the case mehn...jus had 2...u kno...let ppl kno hw inconsiderate the male species cn be...