Friday, December 25, 2009

JEALOUS: feeling angry or unhappy because someone has something that you would like; feeling angry or unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person.

I wonder why ppl find it so hard to admit that they’re jealous. Lyk serzly, wat is the big deal?!! We can rarely control our feelings or emotions so y try to hide from urself?

Me, I’ve come to terms with the reality that I am a jealous cow! I’m sooo jealous these days its disgusting! I’m jealous of my sisters, my bffs, the other girls guys I like talk to and the list is endless!

My sisters:

My older sister is lyk the perfectest child of my parents. I thot I was my dad’s honeypie nd all buh it turns out, hez moved on to my sister. On a normal day, I wldnt evn care bout hu the parents lyk more buh wen benefits nd priviledges start 2 come out of it, it affects me.
My mom is just on her own kentro serzly…she cn giv my sister money for straightening her bed! Wth?! Wuz d big deal in dah 1 nw? nd shez alwaez goin off bout how my sister wld b d purrfect wife nd mother nd all cuz shez so gud in the kitchen nd around the house. Puh-lease!! Gimme a break abeg! In d 21st century? Reli?
The annoyin fng is dah im nt as lazy nd useless as she fnks I am. Outside ov my house ppl kno me as the ‘neat’ girl. At least I fnk so…lol…buh on tha real, I cant stand dirt nd disorganised places. Buh at home, nobody sees me daht way…they all see me as the lazy fool!
And thn, my older sister is lyk sooo brave! Lyk she cn totally wear rubbish buh carry it lyk a million bucks! D annoyin fng is cuz ov ha confidence, ppl’ll nw actually dig d rubbish she wore!

My younger sister doesn’t have the most perfect lyf buh I stl envy ha tho. she doesn’t hav to worry bout so many fngs! Ok scratch that…she does…shez kinda lyk at that age wen u worry bout errfng!(the pre-teen years)

My bffs:
Bff1 nd I wer lyk almost the same b4. asin we both wer quiet to nu ppl buh talkative nd all wiv ppl we wer cool wiv. Sadly tho, I fnk im the only 1 dah stl does that. She seems lyk such a diff person nw. espeshly nw dah sec. sch’s over….iz lyk nw we’re just frnds struggling to kip in touch…ok…iz nt dah bad yet..buh I reli fnk shez sooo outgoin in ha nu sch so she probly has enuf nu reli close frnds tha r lyk the nu ha. Therz nt reli a nu ha buh therz lyk an improved ha…dunno wat im saen sef…I sha knot ha she cnt b dullin lyk me. Nd tis unfair. I wonder y tis soo hard 4 me to mk nu frnds. I hav a few nw buh they’re lyk at arms length. I’ve only known them 4 a month plus I don’t live with them lyk bff1 does in ha sch. Ohh welll. Daz hw wen the hols come, she’ll probly wnt 2 hang out wiv ha nu frnds nd I’ll b lyk ‘the tatcher!’ 

Bff2 hasn’t reli changed much. I fnk shez stl lyk me…u kno, keeping these nu frnds at arms length..the funny fng is I myt evn b wrong bout bbb1 being so close to ha nu frnds

Ooooo! Im tired ov wat im saen! I feel daft writin all these cuz it doesn’t evn mk sense nemore! Derz no real reason 4 me 2 b jealous ov my bffs! Only a teeny tiny 1 which is the fact that they’ll probly hav a lot more nu frnds thn me! Nd thaz nt evn sooo bad1 I jus wasted my tym typin ths long post!


Ms. 'dufa said...

jealously can really be a little green eyed monster, if not controlled.

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

I know!! im controllin myself more these daes sha...:D

Yinkuslolo said...

got interesting stories here but honestly i find it a lil difficult reading cos u use most text language. and it becomes uneasy reading. i keep tryign to read tho lol

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

my bad! i'll try to use more readable language.
thanx 4 stopping by tho

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

a great resource?? why, thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!