Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In cupid's mind...

In cupid’s mind now, he’s got me on some kinda love lockdown!
So on valentines day, roomie1’s friend is in the area and comes to say hello. Lets call him HB. The week before that, he told roomie1 that in the picture she put of us on Facebook, I looked really nice, that who was i. so after he and roomie1 talk for awhile, he tells her to call me. so I come outside to meet him. He introduces himself and acts all I’m-so-awestruck-by-you-but-I’m –trying-to-code-it. We talked for a bit and founnd out we have a few common friends and everything. We both even went to the same SAT tutorial school but at different times. He was sha real cool and kinda cute. His smile was just his best feature. He was soo cute!!
A friend of ours was gonna take me and roomie1 out that evening so we had told HB that we had to go get ready and all. As we were heading back, we saw one of our other guy friends that we like teasing. We decided to make him jealous so we told HB to drop us off at some other hostel just so that our friend could see us in his ride and probably be jealous(we’re just jobless!). so on the way, there was traffic(imagine! Inside school again). HB and I sha got to talk more. I guess that was when I fell in ‘like’ with him. He was giving me all this I’m-feeling-you looks through the rear-view mirror. In my mind, he was feeling me.
So we started texting each other the next day. We mostly talked bout random things but I was always so excited whenever a new text came. The foolish boy took like forever to reply txts so I was practically like a child anxiously chilling to open a Christmas present!
Sha sha sha he asked me for the day I was free then came to see me. funny enuf, I dint even over baff up or anything, I just wore a Polo top and jeans(that looked kinda funny). Not to mention that I was on the period so my confidence was level was pretty low.
We talked for a few mins then he started driving around. I was even surprised he knew lag that well. He even tried to teach me how to drive but I chickened out. I sha enjoyed his company and it looked like he enjoyed mine.
He came to see me a few more times. We mostly just drove around lag talking and laughin and steez. He sha showed a lot signs that he was feeling me so I allowed myself to really really like him.
Then one weekend like this, I didn’t hear from him atall. It was rather strange and all so I chilled till Tuesday then texted him. He sha replied dah I forgot him shey and things like that. We were sha chattin till he sent one unexplainable msg. sumn bout backing off. Told him to explain, he sed not 2 worry. Next thing he sent sumn like ‘I’ve me halfway’. I was like wtf and askd he 2 explain again buh dis tym he dint evn reply!
I was sooo weak!
Can u imagine he didn’t say anything again till like a week after. He called and stl sed I shldnt worry bout the txts then ASKED FOR MY SISTER’S FRIEND’S NUMBER!!! I was just irritated! To think that he could act so casually bout liking my sister’s friend was just hurtful. Like there was no chemistry between us or anything. I sha told him that I would ask for her permission first after I teased him bout chasing older girls. He insisted she wasn’t older than him. Warreva. I askd d babe if I could give him, she sed yes. I texted him the number and he dint evn hav the courtesy to reply ‘thanx!’ To top it up, he’ll now be putting up some kain love love Facebook statuses, chattin with lots of girls on his wall,commentin on almost every pic any of his femal friends’ upload, all that kain rubbish sha. Roomie1 insists that he’s just playin wiv my emotions that he still reli likes me.

I’m still trying to understand what his deal is…I don’t think he was serious about liking my sister’s friend…what is so confusing is the way he just stopped calling, texting and is acting all oblivious of what we shared in those 2 weeks. Even if it really wasn’t anything, it was the beginning of a special friendship! I also know for a fact that he was into me! Or was it just in my head?? Nahhh… The thing is that I know that HB is a really nice guy. He may be immature but I know he’s not like them heartless player types. What could his
reason be for whatever he’s doing??? Is it possible that he’s just not into me anymore?? Could i have said something to chase him away?? Or maybe it was something he heard?

What do you guys think???!


Ms. 'dufa said...

I think two weeks is too small to decide if this guy was really head over heels with you.

Those unexplainable text message sof him backing off and u meeting him halfway, probably meant that he wanted to come on strong on him or something.

Did he tell u he liked u? If he did its totally disrespectful to ask u for another chicks number.

If u ask me, he's not interested in u and u really shouldnt sweat it