Thursday, November 19, 2009

another rant.....

I reli hate that all I have 2 tlk bout is school….

Sha sha sha. The male species intrigue me! Aseen. They never cease to amaze me. After all their ‘forming badguy’ they’ll stl some around. Like 1 dude lyk ths in my class. We had been catching each other’s eye for weeks. Sometimes we would even stare at each other for like 5 (or even more) minutes without blinking. I kept thinking, 1 day ths guy’ll step up and say hello until one day last week when he huffily said to me, “Excuse me!” when I was kinda like in his way. Aseen. I almost died. Not cuz he was so hot or nefn oh. He just had ths freshness that appealed to my eyes. He had ths mean eyes that were jus too sexy! He sed it lyk he was irritated by me. Since then I conditioned my mind that he wasn’t starin at me cuz he liked me. And I never caught his stare after that too.
So yesterday as I was leaving the building, guess who practically chased me down the stairs? I’ll tell u! My sexy eyed fresh starer!(is that evn a word? Aseen someone who stares). He was nw tryna be all smooth nd all. Ode. Afta practically chasing me down the stairs. He was sha real cool. Nd I guess we’re friends… no… acquaintances now. Yay!

Yh…nd I like someone!!! He’s not even all that cute. he is cute tho. Just not all that. I guess im gerrin more mature. Serzly. Ths time last year, looks were all that mattered when it came to boys. Ok not all buh looks wer a reli reli reli huge deal. I guess im nt all that shallow nemore.

Which reminds me! Sum guys r jus on another cruise! Reli! They just don’t get it! The guy that I wrote bout that got me earphones? Rememba him? He’s a disgu! Ugh! Aseen I cant evn stand to be within 2 ft ov him. I dint kno hw to get him off me so I tried changing my attitude. I dint wnt 2 b mean cuz hes’ in my class nd’ll probly b 4 a while (if I dnt leav the effin skul!). so I started actin lyk sum spoiled shallow bitch. Sayin stuff like, “I’ll choose covenant ova lag cuz ther r fresher ppl ther”, “I turn off my fone cuz I don’t want random ppl callin me”….
Ok so I cant reli rememba wat I sed…I sha kno I sed stuff that shld reli irritate him buh dint! He dint luk thrilled either tho. he sha dint leave me alone thaz d main fng 

Started one tree hill season 7 ydae…they actually cut lucas nd peyton out of it! Im nt exactly sad sha..buh I cnt bliv they removed 2 major characters jus lyk that…they replaced em wiv hotter characters tho…nd therz more shirtlessness! Hehe

Thankfully my mom has gotten off my case…

I stl miss my old life tho.

Chillin 4 dec…hope it doesn’t flop afta all my expectations…I kno God wnt do that 2 me sha.

Cuz somtyms iz lyk wen I plan stuff in my head, lyk daydream bout hw I wnt some day 2 go, it doesn’t work out at all! Lyk the day totally sucks! As if God is tryna tell me to let him tk control…mayb I shld stop tryna imagine/plan/organise the future in my head…hmmn…oh well…