Thursday, November 12, 2009


i know i sed it ydae buh im sayin it agin mother vexes the hell outta me! argh!! WTFH!! aseen, i am soo frustrated right now.

the things that i hate.
1.i hate it when people ask questions they know they wouldnt let you answer. like somebody says, "Did you take the trash out?" and just before you evn come up with a smart excuse they quickly add, "I dont know wh u're so lazy! you didnt take the trash out!"
WTF? y ask if u alredi knew?
2.i hate it when people see you doing something and bring their own somethings to you to be done.(HUH?)
like you're folding clothes thn sum1 cums along and drops her clothes beside you and goes "Pleaseeeee...since you're folding anyway" or you're doing the dishes and you're almost done thn sum1 cums nd drops their plate in the sink. mscheeew.
3.i hate it when people repeat themselves for emphasis. like really, do i look deaf? or slow? mscheew...
4.i hate it when ppl apologise unnecessarily. like it just really ticks me off mehn. Lyk im talkin 2 sum dude nd he says sumn but i dont reply cuz my mind was probly sumwher else thn he goes "Oh, i'm sorry.i sed sumn u dont like?" hiss. or im hangin wiv a dude nd thn he goes "sorry btw, for not lookin so fresh 2day" serzly, wuz my bizness? hiss or i sae im sad or not feeling too good nd thn ppl sae "Oh,i'm sorry" hiss, was it them that made me sad, y r they sorry? eyah, wat hapnd or hang in ther shld b the perfect response.
5.i hate it wen ppl ask you a question nobody else knows and when you dont know it, they act as if u're soo useless. odes, y dint they know the ansa themselves.
6.i hate it wen a conversation is dry nd no one has nefn else 2 say thn guys say "so wasup now" like reli, dint u ask me that at the beginning ov the convo. in short i jus hate it wen sum1 asks the same question more thn once in the same convo.
7.i hate it when ppl think they're being all blunt nd all buh wah they're reli doing is being friggin mean! its like ppl dont know how 2 give constructive criticism again.
8.i hate it when i try sumn that worked out perfectly 4 otha ppl nd it now blows up in my face. ah! i suffered ths 1 well in sec.sch. dahs how one time we wer cuttin a class thn the vice-principal approaches thn err1 jus runs past her. wen twas my turn was wen she nw pulls me bak! lyk serzly wth?
9.i hate tacky make-up mehn. argh! ths thing irritate the life outta me mehn. left to me, make-upis not by force if u dont kno how to use it. serzly, wats d point of spending ur money nd time on foundation that is (so bloody obvious) not ur shade by far or linin gur lips with a balck pencil + clear lip gloss. reli?? ewwww!
10.i hate it when a guy thnks u like him cuz u're reli nyc 2 him nd all buh nt so nice to otha guys that he knos u kno. iz not like errbody is the same so must i b nyc 2 errbody? obviously ppl hav distinguishing attribute that mk me act nicer to them thn othas...reli...guys that thnk like that shld grow a fuckin pair mehn!
11.ihate it when i have a missed call from sum1 nd i call or txt bak nd the persn doesnt acknowledge either. reli? wats ur point of now calling me in the 1st place if u're nt reli interested in talkn 2 me? hiss
12.i hate it wen bbz dress up lyk they dont own effin mirrors. i dnt kno y it affects me mehn. i kno its not my bizness and all buh reli, bbz lyk that r jus representin the female folk wrong!
13.i hate it when guys thnk its badass 2 b openly rude 2 girls. thats hw 1 dae on fb, one guy wrote sumn daft lyk tha as his status, one bbe(s'posed 2 b his frnd oh)now LOLed, the guy nw commented "who's ths one? shut the fuck up bitch! dont b commentin on my status if u aint got nefn sensible 2 sae, idiot!" im serz! to a gurl! evn if they're tight lk that iz stl wrong made it seem lyk she was sum tatcher or they wer not cul b4...hiss..guys...
14.i hate it when i hurry not to miss sumthn nd afta all my rush, i stl miss it. man, its vexin!
15.i hate it when i follow ppl on twitter nd they dont follow me bak. nt talkn bout celebrities here oh. real ppl that actually kno u nd tlk 2 u on a normal dae. r they tryna sae they're not interested in ur lyf? hiss
16.i hate it when my nail polish chips off nd i cant find the remover or the nail polish to retouch it. i'll now b lookin raggedy. doesnt happen often tho.
17.i hate it when ppl thnk its cul to act unserous bout academics. lyk reli, y take the thng tha'll mk u a badass rich bbe or guy in the future as a joke?
18.i hate it when u introduce ur frnd 2 anotha frnd thn they both become sooo close they 4get all bout u. hisss.
19.i hate it when ppl cut me off in tha middle of hot,spicy gist.
20.i hate it wen guys unnecessarily take my hand. abeg, i dont like it jare.
more to come...

jus remembad 1 room raiders i watched wher the girl that dint get pickd sed the girl that got pickd nd the guy r boring sad geeks cuz they blog. that bloggin is for ppl that r so sad, they dont hav real ppl 2 tlk 2. now is that true? y the hell wild sum1 thnk that?