Tuesday, March 23, 2010

February paroles

Omg!!! Its been sooo long!!! Don’t think I’ve ever been away for this long! I hope I was missed sha…lol (dreams!!). the sad thing is I cant guarantee that I’m fully back. I just had to hurriedly pop in and account for the last month and half. I have sooo many things to say!

So I moved into school on the 1st of February with no idea of what to expect. After staying almost six weeks, I sure do have a lot of stories. Dang! That school is a community of its own! Its filled with various kinds of individuals from every kinda background you can think of. Being my first full-time boarding school experience, I was rather shocked at how different people could be. Would you believe that for real for real there are still aristo girls? Asin student aristo girls?! Asin plenty of them!!! Sometimes my naivety baffles me but I really did not expect the population of such girls to be this much.
Even when I was trying to whine my popcy for a blackberry and brazillian hair and he told me that most of the girls I see with these things at school are probably doing some form of runz , I thought he wuz breezing! Little did I know!

Its not like there aren’t correct babes oh…there are…plenty sef…all these pampered daddy’s girls…but because there are also so many runz girls, it’s reali hard to tell the difference! One evening, my dad dropped me and my friends off at the hostel gate and if u see how people were staring at us ehn! Mehn if eyes were spears, only God knows what would have happened! They obviously thot he was our sugar-daddy or something!

Moving on jare…have I mentioned that there are fresh boys???!!! In excess!!! As in, fresh from head to toe! Fresh asin: fresh attitude, fresh face, fresh, bod, fresh clothes, fresh ride, fresh gpa! Dang! It’s a wonder how I’m able to concentrate in class! Actually it’s not that hard cuz freshmen guys aren’t really all that fresh(especially in my faculty). Thankfully I don’t have to bear their unfreshness all week. I take 3 outta 6 classes at some faculty called fss. Mayneee….come and see freshhh boys!!! Out of the 3 classes I have there, I only concentrate for one and a half! I have a permanent window seat so I can see all freshness from far and near!

The parties!!!: yes ohh….i have started rocking!! Went 4 three outta the countless parties in February. Lag people love to party sha! The 1st one I went for was at Tribeca. It’s like one of the hottest spots at the moment. I went with my friend and 2 of her friends. It was her guy-friend who happens to be the treasurer of one of the organisin clubs that took us. Everything was soo fresh. We didn’t have to hustle ride to get there like some other babes or chill outside for hours. We got into VIP in no time and everything. The only effed up thing was the air-conditioning. I totally cant stand heat so I didn’t party much. I danced a little then chilled mostly. I don’t drink, so on a scale of 1-10, I would rate the fun level at abou 5.5. it didn’t end bad though. I ran into hottie!! Remember him?? Yup, I ran into him and we talked for looong! He even had his hand on my waist and everything. I almost exploded with happiness. He dint ask for my number then tho.(he has it now sha)
Nothing else really happened at party 1 so moving on!
Next was one valentine concert thingy like this. It was at fantasy land. My sister and her friend got tickets but one of them wasn’t feeling it so she let me have hers. So it was me, my sister and her friend. I saw Banky W, Wizkid, Eldee and D’prince livee!!! I almost died of excitement I swear. Didn’t catch trips there sha. Even me I know I wasn’t lookin myself. It was a rush-rush thing so I don’t blame myself much. There weren’t even all that many fresh people there sef. Moving on!
Party 2: this was definitely the P! d’prince and wizkid were even there! This one was at Rehab. I went wiv my roomies this time. It was such a blast. This time I partied die!!! I danced with some rather hot fellows, If I do say so myself. I ran into hottie again and this time we actually danced. I know I was lookin the shit that day mehn. Ah ahn! don’t try me mehn. I would rate the fun level at 8.75!
Party 3: this one was a house-party at lekki. Twasnt reli a home tho. twas more of a house being used as a guest house. See fresh boys!! Ths one wasn’t a lag thingy, it was covenant dudes that organised it. So ther wer babcock, covenant and lag ppl ther. The atmosphere was skenzayy. It wasn’t reli bout hookin up. It was more like just jamming to your favourite songs with people. It was sha fresh. I looked rather skenzayy again. See how guys were practically fallin over themselves! In my mind ooo! The fun level here was about 7.
The annoyin part was wen I got 2 skul my sister now called me and starts yellin that she heard I what I did oh. That my gist is everywhere. Funny thing is, I didn’t evn do anything. Just chilled wiv my babcock peeps and danced with friends of friends. Up till now, she still wont tel me what she heard. And I’ve asked all my guy friends if they heard anything and they didn’t.

Oh well…that’s basically all the paroles I’ve had…
I hope people don’t start thinking im one of those girls who just live to party and all. I know I only went for 3 but the 3 I went for were the maddest ones so I saw all the correct people at all 3! I know I haven’t changed like tha sha. Obviously I’ve matured a bit more in this one month but I don’t think I’ll do anything that I wouldn’t have done months ago in the near future. I really hope people can see that I’m the very same me!