Thursday, October 29, 2009


So i dont reli hav anything interesting to say. i started Unilag last week....the first thing i have to say bout that is THE SUN IN UNILAG IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!! serzly! sun and me dont go well atal!!
apart from that i guess lag is reli not that bad. before i got ther i was expectin to seeee razzz yoruba speaking guys and girls errwher buh i was totally wrong. the ppl r actually aite. the classes r aite too i guess. thn therz ths mahd chicken place. their chicken is soooo skenzy!

therz also lots ov fresh dudes! my class ther r lyk 5 that hav caught my eye so far. sadly i dont tlk 2 ne ov em. i dont evn kno y. its lyk wen err body was formin their lil cliques nd all i wasnt der or sumn. nw errr1 has ppl dey roll with so iz kinda l8 4 me 2 try nd hang wiv ne1. therz ths 2 guys that r soo rude! like serzly, their rudeness disgust me!
lyk 1 day, i was walking wiv sum guy they knew nd they stop 2 say wasup,do that handshake thng guys do and totally IGNORE ME!!!! they dint evn try to avoid my eyes. they stared right at me thn walked away. the 2nd time, they wer seatin wiv som girl i kinda kno so wen i was passing by, the babe was like "hiiiii" nd im like "heyyyyy" nd they just stare right at me. nd they kept on staring lyk that! i was almost tempted 2 scream "its rude 2 stare!" mscheew.foolish boys. thn therz ths girl i fnk wnts 2 b my frnd buh d fng is tha i dnt reli hav tym 2 hang around the faculty nd 'be friends' wiv ha...

another thing: its like the boys in my class r reli reli serz no joke...havnt seen ne ov thm tryna put the moves on ne girl...the senior boys(jeez! that's soooo high sch ryt?) k the upper-class men however r nt evn takin it ez wiv us freshmen atal...therz nowher i go that som1 doesnt offer to walk me, drive me,show me a short cut or jus talk 2 me!
uni boys! therz lots ov cute 1s tho...enuf bout skul jor

i exed boyfy!!!! aseen i felt so weird evn callin him that...ugh! that boy got on my nerves mehn...u wldnt evn bliv hw i dd it! i snt him an offline msg on msn! yh. i kno im a coward! ha! buh serzly agreeing to b his gf was by far the stupidest lamest fng ive eva done in my lyf! lyk no joke! me that i used 2 smh at ppl that jus go out wiv nebody...thnk god it was jus a month sha...wen i nw tld bff1(the frnd dah was close 2 boyfy) she was nw lyk r u serz? i guess i dint reli kno him that well oh..she nw had the effontry 2 sae tis gud 4 me, nxt tym i wont go out wiv som1 i dint kno nefn bout!
i dint evn hav tym 2 remind ha tha she was the 1 hu tld me:hez a reli nyc dude oh,serzly...nd hez cute too(atal!). boyfy is jus d 1 i kinda feel bad 4...he musta bin soo vexd tha we dint evn get 2 make out like that...heheee..thank goodness 4 that!i dont evn kno if he reli gt the msg cuz he nw started txtin me more thn he used to evn afta saen if thaz wah i want tis cul...disgu! enuf bout him tew joh!

nw 2 exciting news!! we might b movin!!! aseeen im sooo excited! im nt showin my mom ne excitement bout it tho cuz it seem ne tym i let ha kno hw excited i am, she pulls the rug ryt from unda me..lyk she dd wiv the whole goin 2 yankee 4 uni fng....hillzzz

btw im stl vexin 4 my u imagine wat he sed? lemme tel u: wen i chkd my waec result, mumsy was lyk cal ur dad nd tel him oh...she nw cald him on ha fone nd was lyk hold on for (my name). next thing, he says, "what? you want money shey?" i was sooo weak! me nd my dad used 2 b soo cul! we usd 2 jus tlk bout random fngs, gossip bout my mom nd my sisters...i neva evn ask him 4 money! if i want money frm him i ususally snd my mom or my sista, i neva reli ask him! he nw sed such a hurtful fng! mschewww. parents!

thats all i hav 4 nw...
peace nd love!