Saturday, October 17, 2009

:::mY QueST foR SeLf-aSsErTiVeNeSS:::

Recently I’ve been thinking bout how much I’ve changed this past year. Turns out I’m not reli who I thought I was. Turns out I don’t reli lyk the things I thought I liked. I don’t reli hate the things I thought I hated. I’m not so good at the things I thought I was good at. I’m actually not as bad at the things I thought I was horrible at. *sigh* I guess I haven’t reli known myself these past years.

I thought I hated country music. Asin, hate is even a mild word.
I thought green was the skenziest color in the whole wide world.
I thought bright-colored eye shadow was the ish.
I thought TAO was sooo cool.
I thought TWO was reli weird.
I thought my prom would be the bunzest day this year.
I thought Jonas brothers were a rock band.
I thought I’d b in UMD by now.
I liked plantain.
I believed I didn’t reli need make-up.
I thought I needed a bf.

Taylor Swift is the best fng tha happnd 2 my iPod.
I totally heart the color purple…green’s stl aite tho.
I think smoky eyes r def the ish.
I kno TAO is the most annoying guy I’ve ever known.
I don’t think TWO is all that weird. Hez jus different.
Prom wasn’t all that.
I kno the Jonas bruvs r jus a two-hit wonder pop group.
Unilag is my fate oh…for nw…
I hate plantain…asin I cant stand it…
I’ve realized make-up is pretty essential evn if it hardly shows.
I kno I dint need a bf.

Also I found out I cant reli cook lyk I thot I cld. Asin all this tym mumc was naggin tha I’ll regret nt being in d kitchen wiv ha I thought yh yh, hu tld ths woman I cnt cook. I mean I cn mentally cook lots of things buh I neva hav the tym 2 try em out. Hmmmn. Do boys nowadays evn reli care if their future wives can cook? I don’t fnk so… I cn cook sum fancy stuff sha, buh sum ov the basics r a problem. Jus ydae, I made spaghetti and lez jus say it dint end up so good. Common spaghetti oh! I was so embarrassed! My mum was nw tryna act lyk it wasn’t dah bad…I would hav sooo preferred 4 ha 2 spark mehn…hw cnt I make mahd spaghetti at 16??!!! Hisss. D spaghetti itself wasn’t bad buh the sauce was ‘too red’. *sighs*

Then I also found out I don’t hav a talent. I always thot my talent was writing buh I’m startin 2 fnk iz jus cuz I was too lazy to delve into any other activity lyk ballet(too late nw) or running(nt evn possible) or swimming or debate or drama(stage fright!). nw I feel lyk a total under-achiever. Lyk serzly I don’t hav any special skill that I cn use 2 compete against sum1 else. To me I believe that if u cant evn dare 2 compete against ppl wiv ur similar talent thn u’re probly nt tha talented. My mumc fnks I’m wrong bout that. She says err1 has 2 work on their talent reli hard b4 they cn compete and dah competition isn’t errthn in lyf. She may ryt sha.
Iz sha vexin dah afta reli feelin lyk sum writer, all of a sudden I feel lyk my stories suck! Asin I was evn considering publishing sum ov ths stories nd nw I feel lyk they’re totally worthless. Mayb I shoulda taken literature in sch. Serzly. All writers shld b able 2 write poems nd stuff dah rhyme ryt? Well I cant. So I’ll probly hav 2 work on a new talent. Any ideas??? *sigh*

p.p.s I dint mention dancing or singing cuz I alredi kno I cn dance buh I don’t fnk I hav d tym 2 work on my moves 2 become reli talented and as for singing, im tone-deaf.

P.s I’m sorry God, if I sound ungrateful.

TAO-The annoying one
TWO-The weird one.