Saturday, October 10, 2009

~~::SAtdaE NyT rAmBLiNgS::~~

Its probly stale gist that life is an unfair bitch. Buh reli, wat can one do? Nw to serz business 

I’ve become a jealous stalker!!! Lmao…buh serzly tho, I have.

It started off wiv my bff’s leaving me nd startin uni. Iz nt lyk I’m 1 dumb olodo dah cldnt get into uni oh, I’m jus chillin 4 my stupid sch 2 start…
Sha errdae they’ll nw b txtin/callin me…givin the lowdown ov their nu skuls…huz hawt,huz not, huz razz, huz dumb, huz broke, huz a whore,huz a cross dresser blah blah…
Twas all fun in tha beginning, buh nw iz gerrin rather old...serzly…im tired ov hearin gist ov ppl that r(nd will neva) b related 2 my life…lyk 2dae 4 instance, I got lyk 55 txts frm bff1 bout hw shez settlin dwn,hw nyc ha room is, hw hot the guys r, hw ‘jus der’ the girls r,hw sum bbe wuz throwin herself shamelessly at sum guy. *rolls eyes*(yh, we’re shallow lyk that) lol .don’t get me wrong, im elated 4 my frnds…serzly…im real happy 4 them buh I jus cant take it nemore!!! Am usually the 1 wiv overflowing gist nd all, iz so one kind dah im d 1 jus goin: ‘r u serz?’ ‘omg,dd she reli??!’ ‘Ho my! He sounds hot oh!’.

Bff2’s own iz jus d height! She keeps sayin d same gist over nd over again! The annoying part is wen shez bout 2 hang up she nw goes, “It’s reli cool tho. Really. I’m enjoyin it. Lots ov fresh ppl. Blah blah” thn she’ll nw be giggling lyk sum cute guy’s tickling ha. Msccheww. Lool.

Jealousy will not kill me oooooooooooooooo. Lool…iz aite sha…I’d rather b hearin that my frnds r havin a ball thn hearin hw much they h8 their skul…

Nw to the stalker business:
I don’t evn kno hw ths 1 started. It myt evn hav started on blogville oh…nah…yh, I rememba…he snt me a frnd req on fb. 4 nw lez jus call him “the smart one” (TSO) lol…sha I nw wnt 2 go nd shek howt TSO. I found out dah he wuz frnds wiv 1 ov my sista’s sorta ex-bff. D bbe is reli an allrite bbe so I accepted d req cuz ov ha(nd yh his pic wuz interesting). Sometime later, I found out that TSO was a writer. Considerin hw I hav a fng 4 guys wiv talent, I was instantly drawn 2 him. I started chkin out his notes on fb.(yh, im jobless lyk that).
Thn I find out bout his blog and I become immensely addicted to it! Nxt fng I kno, I bookmark his fb profile &his blog. In short, I know a whole lot bout ths guy nd hez only spoken(written) 3 words 2 me! Obviously I feel lyk a foolish stalker!

Nxt came “the funny one” (TFO). Ths 1 has bin my frnd lyk eva since I joined fb. Aseeen sinceeeee...u kno that tym ppl jus used 2 add nebody that lukd aite nd probly had frends in common wiv. Sha 1 dae lyk ths I found myself in TFO’s notes. Ho my! Ths dude can write!!! Shettt…he cn write a book wiv james patterson mehn…for real…nd his style is so real,nd funny, nd young! I nw bookmarked his profile too. So basically, a dose ov 1 ov his notes errdae ‘makes the medicine go down’. Lol. Thn I began reading his wall,his posts,errfng bout him sha…asin TFO is soo funny! Plus we’ve got sooo much in common! We lyk d same kinda music, movies nd evn tv series! We’re jus meant to be mehn…only that hez only sed (written) bout 5 words 2 me. I hav a feelin he remembas I exist sha. kmt.

Y cant the guys that I like, like me bak?!! Y don’t I like the ones that like me?! (including my so called bf??) **sighs** I tire mehn.

I gotta do sumn bout boyfy mehn…ths has gone on long enuf…