Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HE touched me!!!!!

lol...but it's true sha...he,the hottie i wrote bout, touched me! like his fingers actually brushed against the skin of my chest intentionally!!!He was tryna brush a strand of hair away. i was in haeven!!!

lol i havent had this kinda crush in a while mehn...i usually just move on after a few days but this one is different. NOw i'm thinkin maybe i should have coded the fact that i was crushing on him cuz now almost all the girls i hang with know. it paid off tho. cuz one time he was approaching and one of them saw him and quickly told me and then i was able to brace myself and all. i just hope none of them does something terrible like doing him to hurt me if i annoy them.

the funny thing is i know deep down inside that even if he reciprocates my 'crushing', it cant really go farther cuz he's friends with that guy that is my friend now but just kinda stop asking me out. it just wouldnt be right.

but come to thik of it, i may have been wrong bout all these ppl decievin themselves with 'love'. Lately,i've just been playin I wanna know what love is in my head. then out of sadness, i decided to watch gossip girl and one tree hill again from season 1. i was just melting!! then it hit me, I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!! i've been frontin for wayy too long. and even though i disagree with my sister that uni is the best place to find the boy u're goin to marry, i still think it'd be good if i gave myself a chance with love. *sigh!*

Live,love, dance!!! abi how does that go again..


Ms. 'dufa said...

Lol...Love that song