Thursday, January 7, 2010 is what it is....

So there’s this boy I kinda liked. For only a little while though. So apparently he really likes me too. Or so he says. Sha when I first gave him my number he used to call me at least twice everyday. (Not that I’m a fan of boys calling me excessively or anything). And then I even used to see him practically everyday. Then as usual, I got bored of him. I wasn’t just excited to talk to him anymore. The ‘like’ had faded. So when he asked me out (rather too soon if I may add) I jus laid it down for him. Told him how I just like him like a friend now. He was sooo not cool with it. I mean obviously I didn’t expect him to be all smiles but I didn’t expect an ‘I think I’m going to kill myself’ or ‘I don’t think I can ever talk to you again’ attitude he put up. Being the indecisive being that I am (I probably got that from my mom), I sha said I would think about it more sha. So we still hung out a lot after that sha.

Then he kinda just started acting somehow. Stopped calling like he used to. Then when he called he would say stuff like “So you can’t check on me shey?” That statement just infuriates me mehn! I just don’t get why people say it. Is it meant to make me other person feel guilty or what? Mscheeww. Then one day he was now like “ So is he just like any other guy to me? That do we have something special?” And I kinda didn’t take him serious and all. Then the next time he called he was like

“So is that how it is? No problem oh. Anyhow sha I don’t think I’m gonna stress myself anymore. I’ve tried naww”

What I just want to know is does that mean he’s moved on? That he’s no longer interested? Cuz me I’m confused oh.
My best friend is like why do I care if I don’t like him? That got me thinking, what do I really want sef?
I know I don’t like him. I know I don’t want to go out with him. I know I’ll be kinda sad if he’s off my case. I know I kinda enjoyed the attention I got from him.I know i enjoy the attention i get from other boys too. I know i'd probably miss him if we dont hang out anymore. I know i'll probly find some other nice dude to hang with.I know i'll feel a sting of jealousy if i see him flirting with some other girl. I know i would want him to see me flirting with another guy. lol Oh well. It is what it is.


sweetness said...

I think its a normal thing for the like to fade
and its normal (i read) to feel a pang of jealousy
Its a New year

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said... things...yeah...

thanx 4 reading!!