Saturday, January 2, 2010

Peace, love and male models!

Wow! Twenty-ten is really here. Thanks to God mehn.
Nehoo I’m really excited bout tha nu yr cuz i gt 2 mk resolutions which i dnt fnk i eva hav done b4.

sha b4 i carry on wiv my new year resolutions i jus havta tel u guys hw hot the concert i wnt 4 last monday was! omfg! i neva realised how hot male models wer. esp teenage ones! in the past i always looked at male models as too hot to be straight. buh these ones were on anotha level! the fact that they were about my age and if i had worn anotha dress lyk my sister tld me to, it wld hav bin a diff story!!!

newaiz ive bin fnkn ov wat to write on some tees im gettin done...nw all i cn fnk ov writin is Peace, love and male models! my sister's lyk if i wear that for a class i'm jus on my own. warreva joh. mayb i'll write peace,love and chocolate instead.

k bak to the new year resolutions;

-Imma be more courageous.
-Imma get my famz on mehn! in case y'all havnt noticed, famz is becomin reli random these daes esp on twitter...the funny fng is it doesnt bite them in the ass lyk it shld...instead it gets celebs retweeting at them! mehn errbody is doin it so i cn lyk to mehn. altho considering the level of pride i hav twill probly be very hard..
-Imma be more friendly.
-Imma be real picky bout the ppl i tlk to. not lyk im gonna b a total snob or nefn. im jus nt gonna tlk 2 ppl cuz i dnt wanna hurt their feelings.
-Imma delete all the random ppl on my facebook.
-Imma learn how to party without my frnds.
-Imma study real hard.
-Imma update my Ipod mehn. ah ahn. my songs are soo dryyy these daes. was tryna create a 'songs that'll save ur life playlist' and i realised i dnt hav any!
-Imma try to tolerate my mother's rantings. doesnt mean i'll kiss her ass or agree with err wrong thn she saes(like my sista..hiss)
-Imma try and talk to my father more
-Imaa check on ppl more
-Imma try to stop usin txt language except wen im txtn( thats gonna b real hard!)
-Imma be more confident and not care wat ppl sae.hmmmn.
So help me God!

i probly hav alot mor buh i cant rememba them all nw. that stuff alwaez happens ro me. i blog in my head buh cant rememba wen im actually bloggin!


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