Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rantings on a dusty, dry wednesday night...

So I heard that I am unfriendly. I know I’m not the world’s friendliest person but I have never really thought of myself as unfriendly. In fact, I think people don’t even really know how to use the word friendly.

Friendly: Welcoming, Sociable, Pleasant, Affable.

If you’ve not approached me yet, how would you know that I’m not welcoming? If I’ve not refused your invite to a hang out, how can you say I’m not sociable? If I haven’t displayed any form of unpleasntness, how then am I unfriendly?

Just cuz I seriously hate famz (fam spiro, fam fam, over-familiarity) and i’m not an advocate for it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in meeting new friends. People just don’t get me mehn. 

So the stupid boy just came and sat beside me then goes “I’ve been watching you for quite sometime now and I’ve noticed that you don’t really talk to people in this department” first I give him the blankest stare ever then I take my earphones outta my ears. Then he goes “ Most people’ll think you’re saucy and snobbish oh...especially cuz of the high sch you went(he’d alredi asked me earlier). Most girls that go there are usually really snobbish”
This time I just shrug. Then he goes(with a look of disgust) “DO YOU FIND THE PEOPLE AROUND HERE BENEATH YOUR STANDARDS? DO YU THINK THEY’RE INFERIOR???”
I was just too stunned for words! Why was he on my case? Why on earth was a randomer unnecessarily raising his voice at me? Then I as calmly as possible said, ‘I dont know them, why would I judge them?”

People never cease to amaze me sha. That’s how one of my sister’s guy friends I recently met called me up just now. He even called before I just sorta missed the call. Sha he now said “ Jus wanted to check on you sha. You know, make sure you’re good and all”. He said he’s got my number cuz my sister’s always using his phone to call me. it’s no biggie sha..for now..i really hope he doesn’t try to start liking me or something. Cuz that thing really irks me! like 95% of my guy friends hit on me from time to time! Is it that they cant just see me as a friend or I’m jus real skenzayy like that?? Serzly why?? Why cant I be real close to a guy as a friend without him tryna ask me out or liking me??

Today my sister’s crush was totally all over that my friend that’s got this really good guy that she’ll probably not say yes to but really likes!!! Asin all of a sudden, she’s the hottest babe around! I don’t even get how and when it happened! I’m happy for her and all. I mean, she’s totally loving the attention but it’s still kinda weird sha. That all the hot guys’ll suddenly just start liking her….i’m probly jus being a bad-bele tho…God forgive me…

Saw hottie on Friday…he waved at me  I waved back buh I probly had a not-so-appealing look on my face cuz I was waiting in line for final registration wen I saw him. Oh well. He dint evn wave lyk he wuz super excited to see me or anythn..he jus acted lyk normal..mscheew…

Love you guys!!!


Rene said...

ur sister's guyfriend is kinda freaky.....i dnt call nos dt pple call my phone with.

what were u expecting hottir to do? he was probably also under a lot of stress

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

lol...i kno! but he's kinda a really nice guy tho!

as for hottie, he coulda at least seemed excited or surprised or something to see me. it's not like he expected to see me or anything, he now acted so normal! *sigh*
oh well...