Sunday, January 10, 2010

Onto the next one!

Its 8:35 in the morning and i'm up!! like i cant freakin believe it! i'm up for no reson!1 i dont have to go anywhere or do anything, i just felt like waking up!! i think i'm slowly turning into a morning person. The funny thing is, i'm not just up, i'm happy to be up! i'm not even grumpy or tryna go back to bed!!!

i guess i'm still happy bout fridae...lemme gist y'all..

So i leave my house in the dryest outfit i've ever combined in my entire life(in lag). Some cream tee and blue skinny jeans and ballet flats. I was so not in the mood to even find matching shoes i just slipped into black ones.Ewww. that's not the point sha.
SO i get to school extra early cuz the driver has to take my little sister to school before 8 and if i had chilled till he came bak i woulda been late. So i ended up in school at 7:10 for a class at 8(that started at 8:35 btw, hisss). so i decide to give my new classmates a chance. i tried my hardest not to criticise anyone's outfit in my head. i also didnt mentally summarise their lives in my head. i decided to have an open mind.
i was the third person in the class when i walked in! can u imagine ppl actually being almost an hour early for their first class!!! i sha walked in, said hello, no one answered me, i took a seat towards the back of the class and plugged in my earphones. i turned the volume up so high till i knew it was disturbin them! Nonsense! ordinary hey! they cldnt say.

i'm just gonna fastforward to the fun pat of the day:
So that guy i said i kinda liked that i dint like anymore was also at school on friday. So we hung out and all. At first, he acted like he really didnt care like that anymore. So later, we were hanging out in some cofee shop and i'm checking out his laptop theni see he has my bff's picture on his laptop!! like wth?!! i was just too disgusted! the ode now started saying he thought it was some other girl that was his firend. that they have the same hairdo, that he got it from his friends photos on facebook. yeah. rite. whatever. Then from there we meet up with this his hot friend that i met sometime last year. Aseeen!! Hot is even an understatement. he's a 10!!! asin, haircut on point, clothes, shoes,arms, chest, lips, eyes(dreamy!!!),everyhting!! this is how the convo went:

Hottie: Hey,what's your name again?(he said again, like he knew before! loool)
Me: Uh...**My name**
Hottie: Cool..**His name**
Hottie: SO you're like really close with **some random girl's name**
Me: blank stare..who?
Boy i dont like anymore: Dont you know**random girl's name** (tries to remind me who she is)
Me: oh! all oh...i dont even talk to her
Hottie: aRe you srious? ah ahn...but i always see you guys together like everywher..
Me: shakes head

the point is he thot i was some other girl!!! we now had to explain to him how i'm not and all. hez now like me and the girl are so idebtical we should be twins!! COincidentally we now run into the girl he sed i look like and I FREAKING DONT!!
This is the most imortant part of the gist:
He now said, But the have similar eys...Really nice eyes...then smiles at me
**bliss** i almost died!!! his smile was wayyy up to his eyes and everything!
now we're kinda acquitances!!!

peace and love guys!!!


sweetness said...

is the first guy like stalking ur bff on fb, downloading her pix n stuff?
lol so is da new hottie in ur school as well?
keep us posted!
and what is it with peeps not replying when u say hi?
u know i honestly dont care about them, i dont say hi to anybody in my class thats not smiling at me, i swear! I just go straight to ma gurls nd sit, forget bou everyone else lolits when u ignore them they wonder whats wrong and ask u wassup? lol

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

looool...i dunno for him oh...he claims hez deleted the pic tho...hez just a foolish boy...yea!the hottie is in my school! i sure will!!lol
as for those rude idiots, i dont even have their time again...u're sooo right bout ignoring them!